Saturday, January 01, 2000

Book Review: Patriotic Grace

Patriotic Grace
By Peggy Noonan

I really like Peggy Noonan. To me she has been a voice of calm and reason through the turmoil of the last few years in politics. She is always kind and reasonable, even if she disagrees with something. If you don't read her because she is a conservative, I hope you would set that aside and consider reading this book. It is a small book, written just before the election, and is a combination of things. It tries to explain, in balanced, non-partisan terms, what has happened to the political life of America in the last years, and it is a call to all Americans to consider a new kind of political discourse. She asks us to stop the brutality and partisanship that has torn us apart and learn to come together. She uses the example of a time when she was in the capitol building and there was an attack and she took note of the fact that everyone had to help everyone get out, regardless of party affiliation. She says that someday, we will all have to help each other down the stairs. I believe this.

Her words resonate with me because she feels the same way that I do-which is that America is great, Americans are good people, and we can rise above the current troubles. I enjoyed the book, learned a lot and came away hopeful and optimistic.

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