Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Giant Journaling

Tonight was Giant Journaling. It has become harder for me to go because Eric has appointments on Tuesday nights, but tonight he was free, so I could go! Such good women. Such fun to connect like that. It just does my heart good to be around them. I was a good girl and left early so I could come home and get the room set up and finish my lesson, but I'm so glad I got to go. Yesterday was another photo shoot. Guinevere called on Saturday to tell me Cassie is going to the Courthouse to get married on Monday! I was so happy Guinevere asked me so I could congratulate Cassie. I enjoyed it. It was so nice to see Guinevere and her girls. They are all grown up and GORGEOUS!


  1. We were so glad you came :)

  2. Kellie! I've been having fun reading your blog. You know, I suddenly feel very very old. Cassie was a Mia Maid when I served as a MM advisor in Columbia 2nd. She was such a sweetheart when we met. She probably will have no memory of me, but if you see her anytime soon, tell her that her old advisor says hello.


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