Sunday, January 14, 2007


For me, a warm January is an odd January. It doesn't yet feel like a new year with cold days and nights to drive me inside myself for a little introspection and refocusing. I'm sort of stuck thinking that spring is right around the corner. They say winter is coming in earnest, and maybe I'll feel a little more cocooned then, or maybe I'll be wishing for these balmy days, but now I want to be outside. Thinking and goal-setting and scrapbooking and all my other winter activities have fallen by the wayside as I spot rainbows in sunlit skies and wonder if my 6-inch tall daffodils will bud .

So, I guess I need four real seasons to keep my circadian rhythms functioning at peak capacity. My apologies to my husband and all others who love the mild temperatures, but I'll keep doing my secret snow dance every night.


  1. no apologies necessary kellie - i too am having weirdness with all this heat!

  2. SO weird. Jefferson is all confused about seasons. He keeps telling me it is summer now. So, will our daffodils freeze when the "real" winter comes? Poor little flowers.

  3. I'm with you and honestly I don't even like the cold but all this 65 degree weather is just weirding me out! I didn't know until this year how connected we are with the seasons!

  4. aha, so your little snow dance has done the trick. sounds like winter finally arrived to Maryland today! enjoy the beauty of freshly-fallen snow!


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