Friday, April 06, 2007

A Good Friday

Today started with a brisk (read that COLD) walk at 6:45 am, then a private lesson at 9 then home before the kiddies even woke up. I made today a "screen-free" day which means any entertainment involving a video screen is off limits. I do that about once a month and it is always nice. The toughest part is for Eric to comply, poor guy. But he is doing very well. He did just ask if he could wait until midnight and then watch Law and Order. Hee Hee. From my darling offspring, I got total cooperation and no real complaints. Everyone rose to the occasion beautifully and read, played outside, helped me in the garden and generally acted like the lovely children I know they all keep hidden inside their sometimes moody skins. The house was quiet, peaceful and , wonder of wonders, I did not have to listen to the oddly otherworldly and, not oddly, annoying soundtrack of Zelda for Wii.

Tomorrow, Sue and I are supposed to run a 10-miler at 6:30 am, but I just checked the weather and it's supposed to be snowing and feel like 20 degrees outside. I'm dedicated, but I am not really sure I'm that dedicated. I'll get up and see how the roads are to decide if I want to drive over and meet her.

This is always my very favorite holiday weekend, and today was a very nice beginning.


  1. What a great idea. I will have to try a screen-free day. I think James would have the hardest time with it also. He is so hooked on computers.

    Wow, 10 miles. I am impressed. Good for you.

  2. Your screen-free idea is fantastic! (It would probably be hardest for Adrian too. :)) Good luck with your run and happy Easter!! :)

  3. Hi Kelly, a rely to your comment on hair, I highlighted Freyja's hair, I figured if i do it firstly I have control over how much, and cost to keep it up. We did a copper colour so not too noticeable and looks really nice. I think there is only so long you can say no. I had mine done at 14 so went with that but it creeps up really fast?????

  4. Ha ha! That Zelda comment made me have flash backs of being pregnant with Ethan, when I'd lie on the couch and watch Jake play Zelda for hours.

    I think the no-screen day would work well at our house, until the kids went to bed. Then Jake would revolt. No computer? No TV? No way. Nonetheless, we should give it a try.

  5. I made my family do TV-free week last year, and I really liked it. I like "screen-free" even better, although Clint, also, could never do it :)

  6. Oh, and I just saw that album on amazon last week and put it on my wish list - it looks fantastic! I want it!! She is one of my VERY favorite!!

  7. great idea, the no-screen-time. Reminds me of Bishop Cooper's challenge awhile back "Fasting from the World." That was one of the most positive things for me.

    So fun to learn more about you, Kellie. I love Alison Krauss, too. Doug and I saw her every year (until we moved) either at Wolf Trap or Merriwether. Looks like I'll be adding that CD to my list too!

    As for the running, YOU GO GIRL! I am so impressed. Such an inspiration. I miss our walks around the lake! (i miss YOU!).


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