Sunday, April 22, 2007

The Reason Why We Keep Records

I was looking on the hard drive of the computer that we had from about 1999 till 2004 to find a talk for my brother. In the process I found a whole bunch of poetry that I thought I'd lost. I had a fertile poetic period in 2002-3 and wrote about 40 poems. Here are two for your perusal. I was serving as a stake missionary at first and then was called to teach seminary in late 2002 and the necessity arose of studying the gospel for about 2 hours each day. Writing about my gospel study really helps me ponder things instead of just inhaling information then exhaling it as a lesson after one quick circluation around my brain. Poetry is just one of the ways I process what I learn.


As God’s most precious jewel,
We must be like diamonds.
But I wonder at the simile.
Natural diamonds are born of chance.
They can only sit and wait, purified to be sure,
But a bit random.

I do not feel that
God scattered us in haphazard caverns;
To reach our shining potential
Only if found by luck
Then finished at the whim of some earthly stonecutter’s
Crude knife.

I wonder if perhaps
We are more like diamonds from the scientist’s measured hand.
More common in the world’s view;
Perhaps not even beautiful.
Created, instead for a purpose,
In a crucible of God’s own design.

I do not believe that
We are random treasures of chance
Destined to reflect mere vanity.
With a two-edged blade of infinite hone,
We are being faceted for clarity of a different sort:
We will reflect eternity

Kellie Nuss 2002

John 16:33

An injunction offered
At the junction of
Circumstance and will
A simple plea to Be
In the very moment we
Would abandon hope to fear
He offers Good Cheer
Will we take the opportunity
Or claim we are not free?

Kellie Nuss
May 2003

(here's the text of John 16:33: These things I have spoken unto you, that in me ye might have peace. In the world ye shall have tribulation: but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world.)


  1. I like your poems. I especially like what you do with the diamond metaphor, exploring the ideas of chance vs. intention. I also like the way you use the word "hone" in the last stanza of the first poem. Oh, and I love the rhetorical question you end on in the John 16:33 poem.

  2. Very clear images in your poems, Kellie. You're good! Thanks for sharing this talent and piece or yourself.

  3. This is my kind of poetry--the kind I like to read, and the kind I write when I'm being poetic. Very nice. Thanks for sharing! That gives me hope that sometime I'll find all my old missing poetry.

  4. I too have had "fertile" poetry times in my life and love to look back on them. Thanks so much for sharing these beautiful verses - you are a great poet!


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