Tuesday, May 22, 2007


I've been feeling useless and lumpy-like I'm not getting anything done. Please bear with my attempt to reconvince myself that I actually do more than knit and read as Eric likes to (very gently) tease.

Jack Bauer has nothin' on my exciting life...

11 pm: Monday night: I put the finishing touches on my seminary lesson and cleaned up the house.

12 am: Read Wild Swans to finish the last few pages. I have been a bad host this month--lurking because I didn't get the book reread in time...

1 am: Went to sleep

2 am: slept

3 am: slept

4 am: slept until the alarm rang at 4:30, snoozed until 4:45 (yes I actually sleep this little sometimes. My brain does not turn off easily-I'm always thinking of how I might actually stay caught up with the laundry if I just didn't sleep at all)

5 am: finished setting up seminary, got dressed and prepared for the kids' arrival at 5:50

6 am: Taught my 17 darlings (2 were absent today) about David O. McKay till 6:40, then made lunches and did some more picking up and clutter control.

7 am: Put in a load of laundry, folded another one, helped Evan get ready an hour early and went to school to help decorate for the Simulated Congressional Hearings at 7:30

8 am: Stayed at school till 8:20 then went back home to finish tidying. Checked email, rebooted the laundry, got two loads put away.

9 am: Continued above till 9:40 then headed back over to school for the SCH opening ceremonies.

10 am: SCH-Evan's group did great as did all the kids I've been coaching for the last 3 weeks. There were children of several friends that were so fun to work with. This was a great project.

11 am: Same

12 pm: Stayed at school till 12:30 then headed to Cloverhill Yarn shop, my cozy home away from home for a private lesson. I love how my students become friends.

1 pm: Helped my student make good progress on her sweater, then hung out with Chris the owner and her son Zach for a while. I am lucky to work with good people.

2 pm: Headed home to see the kids, made sure the homework was started and kept the TV off.

3 pm: Worked in the garden, greeted Evan after his grueling but triumphant day in the trenches of Constitutional law, checked on email and book group. Actually posted some replies about Wild Swans--have loved the responses so far. Called my in-person book group people to remind about the meeting this Friday. Opted for a simple salad bar for the luncheon. I'll supply bread and dessert. Sent other emails and returned phone calls.

4 pm: Tried gamely to read some more. Fell asleep around 4:45. Should not have stopped moving.

5 pm: Slept the half-sleep of the mother with kids coming in and out of my room asking questions and never quite going all the way to REM sleep...had plans for dinner all ready, but kids were happy to graze on abundant leftovers and let me doze. Hopefully I didn't give unconscious permission for anything dangerous.

6 pm: Woke up and took Evan to his Lacrosse game. Made sure Johnathan had time to take Sam to wrestling club before going home-teaching. Everything was copacetic so I left confident in my children's abilities to function in my absence. While Evan warmed up at the field, I knitted in the car for 30 minutes--knew if I tried to read again I'd fall asleep and run the car battery down and miss his game...

7 pm: Met a pal to walk around the field during Evan's game. Got to hear about her husband's graduation with his PhD in Engineering--Yay for him (and her)!

8 pm: Evan's team won, putting them in 1st place in the league--I think this is the first time any of my children have been on a winning rec sports team. Seriously. Sam got a ride home from a fellow wrestler so Evan and I went straight home.

9 pm: Sam, Evan and I piled into my bed to watch Deadliest Catch while Sara watched Dancing with the Stars. Yes, we are one of those awful two-tv families. Eric and I are so busy that the perfect date is hole-ing up in our room together with a movie, not having to GO anywhere. Anyway, Sara gets great enjoyment out of bringing me updates about DWTS. Sometimes she'll even text me. I am very happy to have a little hobby to share with her. Johnathan returned from home teaching in a good mood-always a pleasant surprise.

10 pm: Eric got home from appointments at church. I did see him briefly before when he stopped by Evan's game for about an hour. He checked email and finished up some church stuff while I did my ball workout, then started blogging while listening to the end of Dancing with the Stars and online chatting with my sister in Tennesee, who was also watching DWTS. Yay for multi-tasking.

11 pm: Put finishing touches on lesson (it was already prepared mostly on Sunday) read scriptures, and planned to get to bed before 1 am. Ha ha.


  1. I love the concept of "24" for a blog post! And wow, I know you didn't write this to look impressive but you make me tired! That is a lot of LIFE happening. Sometimes I think it will be easier when kids are grown, and then I realize after spending time with older families that it is just a different kind of work.

  2. Thanks for showing the world what we homemakers "do all day" --other than eating bon bons! I can so relate to the falling asleep in the afternoon/"shouldn't have stopped moving" thing. It's way too close to home. I don't know how you survice on so little sleep, Kellie!

  3. This is great. We are avid 24 watchers at my house, too. And boy, there sure are days that feel like this! At least everyday isn't a 24 hour episode though, right?? ;)

    I totally relate to the mind not turning off easily, especially when the house is quiet....

  4. I love this post! It makes me think of someone close to me, the mother of teenagers and preteens, who got in the habit at the end of each day of listing off all the things she hadn't accomplished that day. I suggested she start listing everything she had done, and that seemed to help a lot. I try to follow my own advise! :)

    Did you really post all of those insightful comments on the Nook within one hour? I'm impressed!

  5. I love this Kellie! Great idea. You're a hard workin' mama!


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