Friday, May 04, 2007

More for Sara's Birthday

I really have really appreciated the tender birthday posts I've read on other blogs. Since my way of telling emotional stories is primarily through pictures, here are some images that I've collected for a letter to her that tell how I see my sweet daughter.

Around age 3

Around age 10

Last year

Last month

It amazes me how much she's changed just in one or two years.


  1. That 3 year old one is FANTASTIC. Her eyes are so bright! I love it.

  2. they're all beautiful, I love the flower in the hair one.

  3. so cute. That last one makes me think of Hogwarts for some reason. I think she'd make a great Ginny!!

  4. I love the pictures. It is amazing how much they change in such a short period of time. Middle school is such a time of change.

  5. Oh what sweet, evocative portraits! You really have the "seeing eye."

    It was fun to see these pictures, because I was about to post a couple time-lapse ones of my own daughter on my blog, but I thought I'd peruse other people's blogs first. (Of course, my little girl just completed 15 months, not 16 years!)

    Seeing these pictures of your daughter makes me worry a bit that my daughter will be sixteen before I know it! :)


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