Friday, July 27, 2007

Caught up.

Okay, so I'm a week late getting to it, but I finished recording our entire family reunion. As usual this week, I've been running around a lot-doing good things and fun things, but my energy is low. I have some sort of abscess in my jaw or cheek so when the day ends and the ibuprofen wears off, I've felt like I have the flu and have just collapsed most nights. I'm on antibiotic and I see the dentist on Monday. If they can't see anything on their x-rays, then I'll go to my regular doctor.

The good news for this week is that we have our first fresh tomatoes from the garden. I've been feasting on tomato sandwiches of all types all week long. Is there anything better for someone who likes tomatoes? I think not.

More good news is that last night, Eric and I did go out for Indian Food and a stroll through the bookstore to celebrate our 21st anniversary. That was nice. At the bookstore, I finally found Enchantment (love it so far) for the Nook and got a new, slim journal. It was a splurge-one of those nifty Moleskine ones, but I think I will like it. I was extremely tempted by the Special Edition boxed Harry Potter book with the additional color illustrations and the dragon cover, but I resisted. I will check Amazon Marketplace in a few days and see if I can score one. Tonight is my nephew's Eagle Court of Honor, then we race down to Chantilly, VA to catch the IMAX version of Order of the Phoenix with a few pals from the ward. That should be exceedingly cool.

Tomorrow is pretty open, thankfully, so I can rest or maybe work in my poor, parched garden. The funny thing is that when there's not much rain, and nothing else is growing, the weeds still seem to do just fine. Can someone explain that to me?


  1. ouch! I hate mysterious pain. somehow if you know why/where it isn't so bad. that's my take at least. good luck....

    happy anniversary! sounds like a simple lovely way to spend it. you'll love Enchantment. though I should've given you my copy that came 3 weeks late so I'd already read it from the library...

    I hear you on the rainless weed phenomenon. survival of the fittest? adaptation? I've given up on my garden, sad to say. Daddy let the little ones pull off half the green tomatoes one morning/afternoon not to mention the rotted bottoms on the first to ripen ones, so that really put a damper on things. the zucchinis are still happy though!

  2. Yes, I'd like to know about those miraculous weeds! I took my hose into the back for a slip n slide and my poor flowers are all shriveled up because I never water them, but boy do I have weeds.

    That journal sounds heavenly. I want the HP book too!


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