Thursday, August 02, 2007

Guitar Hero and Cousins

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The obsession has spread to Arizona. My sis called me tonight to say that after experiencing GH at the family reunion, her husband has managed to acquire several versions of the game and at least two guitars. Her in-laws also got involved in the buying and it has become a family phenom. We did not get a chance to have a big family tourney up at the lake, but at least a few new converts found salvation. Evan doesn't like this particular game, so we have not played together during our days. Actually it's funny, he is bored stiff with just me around. I mean we've had fun and he has let his guard down and allowed me a few bonus snuggles (he's getting too old to snuggle at the moment) but I think he really misses his siblings. This is about the most alone in the house he's ever been. He and Sara are especially thick, so I know he'll be glad when she gets back. We did go see Ratatouille today and Ev LOVED it . I thought it was cute and clever. Thank goodness for his cousin/best pal Jake. It is a blessing to have them around. Jake has been over here most of the week and last week Evan was over there. I will miss that when Steph finishes up and they move away-the summers of endless cousin sleepovers. Luckily we haven't taken it for granted while we've had them close for the last 5 years. Ev and Jake would rather hang out with each other than just about anyone else. Even when we don't live close, they'll have lots of memories stored up.


  1. Nice job. I'm glad you're spreading the good news. Good luck to Evan and his solitary times!

  2. It is such a fun game. Ashley is our pro. No one can beat her.

    Cousins make the very best friends. I am glad Evan is having that experience.

  3. Oh, it's a lucky kid who gets to have his cousin close by. Growing up, our closest cousins were five hours away, but we still managed to get together, and I still consider the youngest of the group (closest to me in age) my best friend.

  4. Cousins are the best. I know how bored Preston gets around here when he's all alone :)

  5. ditto. cousins are the best. I always wanted a girl cousin exactly my age, they were all a couple of years older or younger which as a 9-13 year old felt like a big deal. It's fun now that we are all raising kids to not have age be an issue at all!


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