Sunday, August 19, 2007

Time Flies

So, that would mean I've been having fun. For the most part, yes, I have. I am feeling better, which is a huge relief. I still have a bump in my face, but apparently it is nothing to worry about at this point-just some sort of cyst or growth. In looking back at my journals, I've finally put it together that I get sick every July/August. I assume it is my body letting down after the energy of the school/seminary year. Just one more reason to commit to getting more sleep. I'll keep trying, I really will.

I love when school lets out-it is such a relief from the busyness of the spring with its concerts and final projects and graduations, etc. Those first lazy, hazy days of summer are intoxicating. I love letting my kids sleep in late and then staying up late to watch movies together. By now however, the lack of routine gets wearing as I have to try ever harder to pry eyes off of screens and fingers off of keyboards and controllers. So, there is a certain sense of relief when it all starts up again. I actually get a big burst of creative, refreshing energy when school starts. It is still hardwired into my brain as "The Beginning." Much more so than New Year's.

The heat of August relents a bit, and the garden wakes back up. There's usually a little more rain, so September is often one of the loveliest times of the year in the garden-no mud but the energy of one final burst of growth before the big sleep.

To recap the last couple of weeks, our trip to Chicago was was such a nice trip-this was the first time that traveling by air was truly easy-the kids were completely independent-they carried their own luggage, held onto their own boarding passes, sat in their seats the whole time, went to the bathroom by themselves--and got along together. I have this habit when we're together as a family of walking behind everyone because I love observing them without them being aware of it. It was truly fun to watch them walk companionably through the airport, racing on the moving walkways, exclaiming over planes taking off, etc. On the flight out, we flew through some storms and there were magical clouds lit up by the setting sun that were like castles floating through the air connected by roadways of sunbeams. My kids love skies, just like me, and they were craning their necks the whole time to see the wonderful sights. They are still innocent enough, in a world of iPods and hi-def, to be amazed by the miracle that we were flying among clouds. That made me happy.

My classes at the convention that I teach at 3 times a year went well-I got great evaluations and a couple of good suggestions that I will incorporate into my classes in October. The kids and Eric had fun with his family in Indiana. Unfortunately, our paths never crossed, but it worked out well anyway.

Now we are back and I took a leaf from Jann's book and got all the school supply shopping done and sorted. I found a dance class for Sara right here at Savage Mill, and football is going well for Sam. This summer has been a blur and now it's just about over. Life is stuttering back to normal except that we are now in a waiting mode-no one much wants to do anything because we're within 8 days of school starting. If everyone waits to exhale, then maybe they can hold off the inevitable.



  1. Welcome back! Your family was missed. Glad you're home safely. I'm excited for everyone to get back to school!

  2. I love your description of the clouds. I could just see them in my mind. It is amazing to see summer come, and equally amazing to see it go.

    I am glad you are all home safe, and had a good trip. It is great to have you blogging again. I've missed you.

  3. Your posts give me such hope Kellie. The thought of flying with my children and them being in charge of themselves: WOW. Maybe we WILL get on a plane as a family someday :)

  4. I do love your posts. I agree about the rhythm of life -- the first few days of summer are always so enjoyable, such a good change, but the start of fall is always one of my favorite parts of life. Maybe it's because I look better in fall colors...!

  5. glad to read the bump isn't a problem.

    what a full, fantastic summer you've had. hope it's a great new year!

  6. The End of August... always a wistful time of transition. I love your cloud description. I always feel like I'm missing out on something if I don't look out the window while flying. :)

    Glad you're back on the blogging scene. I've missed your thoughts. Oh, and I have to tell you that Evalyn elevated your status by singing "We are going to Kellie's House" instead of Grandma's house while driving home from PA today... she really had a fun time. Thanks again!

  7. PS what a cool conference! I feel like I know a celebrity or something... ; )

  8. I wish I could feel the way you do about flying, it's quite inspiring - I'm an anxious mess on a plane. But I loved reading your thoughts about the clouds. Lovely. :)

  9. Can I just say, "Amen" to your entire paragraph about how you love it when school gets out but then you feel a new beginning when the kids go back again in the fall? I'm glad you've had a fun summer and that you are ready to embrace the next season. Me, too.

  10. "They are still innocent enough, in a world of iPods and hi-def, to be amazed by the miracle that we were flying among clouds. That made me happy." As it should. Sounds like years of good parenting to me. :)


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