Sunday, September 16, 2007

Saturday in September

Yesterday was busy right out of the chute, but it was all good. I had a seminary meeting at 8 am. I have to admit that I sometimes wonder why it wouldn't be possible to have a Saturday meeting for early morning seminary teachers start at, say, noon. If I were in charge, I might think to myself that those dear folks might want to, say, sleep in! I am sure the planners are thinking, "8 am is the perfect time for a meeting! They get to sleep in till 6:30 am, how lucky can they be!" Okay, it's only once a month and its a great meeting, so I'll stop whining, but I do wonder sometimes.

After that, I taught a class at the yarn shop, which went pretty well. I had to announce that the next session date is changed because my friend is coming in from Seattle and we are going to NYC for a three-day extravaganza. It is always nerve-wracking for me to change a scheduled class, because folks have paid for it, but as always, everyone was gracious and kind about it. People really are good. Besides, the NYC trip will be worth it. Sara is one of my dearest, longest-lasting, most faithful friends, and she was nice enough to buy a plane ticket just to come and play with me. I think I can juggle my schedule a little bit.

Next stop was home to get ready for the New Member party at our house last evening. It is always a good thing to be able to spend an afternoon putting a little spit and polish on the house. I arranged books, cleaned up clutter, and got to dreaming about painting the LR/DR area (I am thinking about some sort of red or rich brown). I also have a vision for a new built-in book shelf. I am not sure I have the guts to build one without Jill here, but I'll try. It would surround the entrance into the family room. I am also dreaming again about the kitchen. I'm thinking I'll go with my original low-budget plan of painting the cabinets and getting a new counter top. It looks like the truck will be totaled, so a new car will replace the new kitchen in the budget book. We are thinking about a Honda Pilot. It is MUCH smaller than the truck, bu.t next year we'll be down to 3 kids at home, so it seems reasonable. They get awesome reviews and we are a Honda family, so it will be good to be purists again.

While I was doing this, Evan had two soccer games. I missed both of them, but Eric was there. Sam had football practice, Johnathan went to Rehoboth Beach with a friend, and Sara had a quiet day to herself to sleep in, work on homework and be her sweet little self.

So, back to the party. It was great-we had almost 40 people there including us and Jann, who was my wonderful activities committee helper. That was almost twice as many as I was told to expect, but that's a good thing because it made it much more fun. I had a total DOH! moment as everyone dug, or rather dove into the chocolate fountain. There were many small kids there (I just wasn't sure who to expect) and it had never occurred to me that not every mom there would enjoy watching her children literally swimming in chocolate. We always bring it out for family parties, little kids and all, so it is just my go-to party food solution. It is messy, though. Everyone was super-nice about it and I got not a single complaint, but there was much wiping of shirts and faces. In my usual silly, second-guessing style, I was self-conscious about it the rest of the night. I hate it when I forget details like that and fail to make connections, but I hate it even more when I worry about stupid things like that. I hope if there are stains, they will be happy memories at least.

The party got over around 8:30, and the weather was so crisp and autumnal, I couldn't resist blowing off the dishes and building a fire in our outdoor firebowl. It was wonderful-just enough of a chill in the air to make me actually need to move closer to the warmth. Eric came out for a little while, then we headed to bed with me smelling completely smoky. I do love to watch a fire. It was a nice, quiet, still way to end a pretty intense day. I slept very well, smoky hair and all.

This morning, I woke up early to see Eric before he took off for church, and have spent a luxurious couple of hours on the computer catching up with friends, researching Enoch for seminary and helping Sara get out the door for BYC in between. The dishes are still waiting very patiently for me, but the roast is about to go in the crockpot, so all is well.


  1. I love sitting by a fire too! That sounds wonderful!

  2. You're so busy! I'm sorry you don't get your new kitchen. That's what I want too. But how fun to get a new car. That's great your kids are old enough that you can enjoy a whole weekend in New York. Have a blast!

  3. It was a fabulous party. I loved seeing all the smiling chocolate faces. Everyone seemed to have a great time. I was so glad I got to come and meet some of the new ward members. I have been missing out on that, with all our craziness over the summer. Thanks for a great party.

  4. I think Clint dreams of having a fire pit in the back yard. Seriously. I love that you did that. Sheely would honestly think she'd died and gone to heaven if she knew such a thing as a chocolate fountian existed :)

  5. I can't wait to hear about NYC, that sounds like a blast. I also love sitting by a fire on a crisp night. I think my kids would die if they ever saw a chocolate fountain. Alex in particular would loose it.

  6. what a fun evening with friends, and a busy day! I've been realizing it's been forever since we've entertained more than just a family. we did the firebowl Sat night, too. I just haven't downloaded the pics yet to got with the post!

    that's too bad about having to trade the kitchen for the new car, but what can you do? A Pilot sounds great, my neighbor loves hers. :)

  7. It was a great new member get-together, Kellie. I was way more worried about your house being coated in chocolate than my kids being coated in it!

    Sorry that your truck was totaled. That is such a bummer. I, too, always find myself dreaming of a new kitchen. The other night I was up late with a tape measure and a home improvement web-site pricing out new counters. Ahh--a girl can dream, right?

  8. Hey, have you heard of the book "A Good Yarn" by Debora MacComber (I think that's right). I have it and the sequel (or is the prequel?) if you would like to borrow them. They're about a woman who opens a knitting shop in Seattle--I think you would like them.

  9. Can I just say I love reading about your life? I like the sounds of your renovation daydreams, even if they have to stay daydreams for a while. :)


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