Wednesday, December 05, 2007


Why I love the first snowy days of the season:

Everything inside feels cozy with flakes coming down outside the window.
The light is different because of the reflection off of billions of icy crystals.
The world is damped to near silence.
Time seems to slow down as I wait to hear if plans have changed.
When things get canceled it feels like an extra evening gets dropped into my lap.
The kids can't wait to play outside.
I love the sight of their boots and coats draped all over the living room.
It goes so well with Christmas decorations.
Even the suburbs are pretty in the snow.
The cycle of the seasons seems complete.


  1. I love that first snowy day too :)

  2. Beautiful. I absolutely adore this side of you Kellie, the picture is stunning, and your words, so moving. Thank you for sharing. I am so glad that I have the opportunity to know you better through these blogs.

  3. Wow. Maybe I should start to love the draping of coats. That would really cut down on some stress!

  4. mmmmm, cozy indeed. can I pull up a chair and knit with you?


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