Monday, August 17, 2009

Canning Tomatoes Part 1.1

The good news is that I found the equipment. The bad news is that it was (not really) hidden in a box of rings and lids that I had not only looked through to get lids, but looked through a LOT. Apparently I was only looking for lids, not other equipment.
Apparently, this is my brain:

This is my brain on motherhood: Sheesh. It was all there, hiding like some diabolical I Spy Book layout or a twisted Where's Waldo. Sooo, today should have been the day for canning, but it was moving day for my folks. The truck came and unloaded and so I was in and out of the two houses all day, helping out, watching kids, directing traffic, running errands plus doing all the usual mom stuff for my own family. Tomorrow I have to can the tomatoes because today I picked another 5 pounds of the things and I don't want to lose any. So, on Tuesday, early to the stove it is since it is not a running day.

Apparently, it is a really good thing that this is a hobby thing for me and that my family is not actually depending on my ability to reliably preserve vegetables.

PS, in case you're too young to understand my brain-egg analogy, here is where it came from.


  1. Oh Kellie, I wouldn't know a piece of canning equipment from a breadmaker. Two (of many) kitchen accouterments that my lack of homemaker skills just don't utilize. :)

    Your egg is AWESOME-- cracked me up!

  2. you crack me up!!! :-) I love you're egg. I do that ALL the time.. gotta love mommy brain. Can't wait for the Tomato post

  3. WAHOO!! I am so glad you found them! Much more satisfying then buying new stuff and THEN finding the old stuff amongst your things :)

  4. I'm so happy for you that you found your goods. And I do quite love the eggs.

  5. The eggs are so funny!! So glad you found the canning gadgets!!

  6. What? WHO is too young to understand the egg analogy? Don't they still use it in school? Ok, maybe not. Sad.

    Sadly, I don't attempt. Once I froze some peaches I picked. That's about as far as it's gone. Sad again.

  7. we only had enough tomatoes at once to make a large batch of pizza sauce -- which i didn't can but froze in pizza-sized amounts. i hope it works....

  8. LOVE the egg analogy! SO TRUE for me as well!!


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