Friday, August 07, 2009

Up Early

I have a little time to catch up. I fell asleep at 10 in an exhausted heap. Unfortunately for me, that means a 4:30 wake-up call from my brain as I am still not adjusted to life with more than 6 hours to sleep. That's okay, it's nice to have a little quiet time. Life is full right now as I strive to get through a knitting deadline, keep a youth program for 50 girls up and running and now try to turn some attention to helping my mom move. Another sister is in town to help and tomorrow is the big yard sale. The good news is that she and my dad are moving into a rental house right next door to us! I'm so glad I still live in my little house so that we get this time with them. It seems meant to be. They'll probably stay a year or so until my dad actually retires (the sale of the house came up and worked out about a year before they were thinking it would happen), then they'll move west and I'll be the only sibling left here. At that point, we'll most likely have to go to them rather than being visited, so I'm really grateful for the time that we'll have being neighbors. People are concerned about them living so close, but it will be fine. We both have our quirks, but for the most part, my folks are easy-going, supportive, respectful, wonderful parents and grandparents. They always go to all the kids' events, so this will save them a lot of driving. :o)

I have managed to do a bit of reading and even spent one day like the old days, completely lost in a book, unwilling to put it down till I finished. It was The Actor and The Housewife by Shannon Hale and it was an interesting bit of fantasy fluff. I liked it and I liked that I was focused enough to just sit and read. That hasn't happened for a while, in fact it makes a grand total of 2 books that I've completed since the beginning of June. June!! Of course I lost a day of deadline knitting that I'll have to find somewhere, but it seems okay that I took a day to just play in a book.

Today is a trip to the Dr. for my shut-in friend, a wedding photo shoot, then an evening of yard-sale prep. I'm hoping to have Sara come along for the photo shoot. In between will be knitting, cleaning and laundry. What can I say, it's the life. The kids are summering in old-fashioned idyllic splendor this week and frankly, they deserve it. They've been sleeping in, playing video games, having friends over, eating ice cream and staying up late and it has been way fun. High School sports start in a week or so and for Sam and Sara, the summer is over as they start possibly two-a-day practices for volleyball and cross-country.

So, I'm off to steal an hour of knitting before my run, then the day can really begin. I signed up for the Baltimore Half-Marathon in October, so hopefully I can stay motivated to keep running and keep the old metabolism going. I haven't lost hardly any weight but I'm wearing a jeans size that I haven't worn in nearly 20 years. I'm sure it's because the companies have changed the sizing over the years. I'm okay with that.


  1. How fun to have your parents as neighbors! And good for you for taking time to read! Hope you have a wonderful day!

  2. Hey, my sister and I just read the Actor and the Housewife too. We had totally different views on it, which made for a fun discussion. I wanted the romantic ending, but she gave me 101 reasons why it couldn't work. I explained to her it's fiction -- so I could have my happy ending!
    You amaze me -- a marathon? I don't care if it's half, I'm impressed.
    So fun to have your parents as neighbors. I would love it. Soon you'll be like me, all family in the west. That's why having a great ward means everything!

  3. Wow, you have so much going on! I'm so happy for you that your parents are going to be close and I'm also happy that you got to read!!

  4. What a great morning, sounds like a really bust day. I hate that they've changed sizes over they years... it makes me crazy. :-) Glad to hear that things are well with you all.

  5. I'm finally getting caught up on blogs. Sounds like you are keeping busy! Good luck with your half-marathon!

  6. What a treat to have your parents right next-door for a year! And I hear you on the accomplishment of staying focused on a book long enough to finish it. :) Glad to hear everyone's enjoying they're summer.

  7. I meant "their" not "they're". Must be my bedtime!


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