Tuesday, September 08, 2009

A Few Images

Here are some that I like of the First Day of School and our Weekend in PA:

The Official 2009 First Day Photo Shoot:
Sam- starting his senior year
Sara-starting her sophomore year
Evan- starting his 8th-grade year

My homework last Monday night, along with thousands of other Parents. The top stack is from ONE child. I needed snacks to get through it. That's my hummus and chips and limeade there in the background.

Our long-time Labor-day tradition is a family camp up at Blue Knob State Park in Pennsylvania. We stay in rustic, non-electric cabins and eat with other families at a mess hall with a modern kitchen. It sort of takes the best of camping and leaves behind some of the hassle. Plus, many of the same people go each year, so the kids get to see friends they only see up there. Even though lots of people are there, you can be as social or as private as you like because each family has their own cabin. Good times. Here is Eric getting away from it all, sort of...

I call this composition "Lawyer in Repose"
Yes, he is still working there on his phone. Checking email, getting things done, making phone calls. At least it was a prettier than his office. He really is not a workaholic, he's just a hard worker and this is what the job demands right now. I did find myself wishing that we didn't have quite such good phone service up there on the mountain because I used it all weekend also-kept up on email, posted here, etc. Crazy days we live in.

Here is Sam having fun climbing up a huge old oak tree in the campground. He was high enough up that he could talk to people passing by and they couldn't tell where the voice was coming from.
Sunset over the Pennsylvania Hills

Sunrise over the Alleghenies on a tranquil Saturday morning


  1. Great first day pictures. They all look so thrilled to be going to school. The pictures of Blue Knob as so beautiful. My fav has got to be the "Lawyer in Repose" I am so glad you guys had a fun time.

  2. I agree with Jann - I like the first day pictures :)

  3. Okay -- why are all your kids so happy and willing to pose for you? They are adorable! Love your Blue Knob pictures!

  4. Your kids pose for you for Back to school photos still? Good for them.. and you! :-) Your PA Vacation looks lovely.

  5. It looks GLORIOUS. So lovely. I miss views like these.


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