Thursday, May 20, 2010


Today I'm feeling just a little anxious and restless so I've dressed myself in talismans.
I have so much going on right now.
All good of course, just all at once.
One of those convergences.
I'm also worrying along with friends with hard things going on.
It's good to cry and feel what they're feeling.
I like that connection.
I just need to make sure my own nets are mended so I can help them catch all the sadness and love and fear.
And put it in its proper place.
It will all be okay.
I know because today I carry with me the ones who love me and the times when I've been strong.
I look at my wrist and see silver hearts and know I'm loved by my dear friend.
I feel strong and graceful in my dress that looks like one my grandmother wears in an old photo.
I can think of my husband's grandma when I wear her jewelry.
Don't worry, I know that strength doesn't really come from the bits and bobs.
But feeling the weight of the the thing on my skin connects me to the feeling in the fingers
that touched it before it came to me.
I think of lives well-lived that I can learn from.
And I remember when I got through hard things.
And that my friends love me enough to help me catch the sadness.
I'm so glad we're never really alone.

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  1. I love the image of the mended net to catch the sadness, love, fear, and also "the feeling in the fingers/that touched it before it came to me." Beautiful.

  2. *sigh * you're post like this sooth my soul. :-) I sure love you and miss you too. thank you for your comment on my blog today. It made me smile. :-)

  3. Oh and BTW... I had to google Talismans.. cuz those of us that are less literate, have NO IDEA what that is. LOL!!

  4. I really like this. I love that I know that you'll be in my house with me today :)


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