Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Busy, Busy Busy

Not too much has changed since my last post. I'm still living by lists and adding to them all the time so I don't forget anything. I've crossed a few things off but added more. I'm running from one thing to another and in between making a lots of phone calls and looking for the intestinal fortitude to just make executive decisions.

It's all the same stuff and really, I'm no busier than anyone else, it's just all I've been doing, so there's not much else to write about. I am managing to push the sadness of my mom and friends leaving down with the busyness, so it is useful in that sense, and in between there have been fun moments of family activities, a few more end of school bright spots, and all sorts of regular-ness. Toy Story 3 is really fun, Evan was recognized for having straight A's all year, and Sara has been really diligent about getting ready for finals, so it's all good, I'm just swimming in the deep end, only coming up for air occasionally. Sometimes I'm like Dory-endlessly optimistic and willing to try anything and sometimes I'm more like Marlin-anxious and dwelling on the problems, but in the end, it's a good thing I speak Whale.


  1. Yes, you never know when speaking whale will come in handy :) good luck finding some time to breathe!

  2. I find it almost impossible to be Dory, but Marlin?? Yeah, Marlin comes naturally. :)

    Good luck, and just keep swimming.

  3. Good job Evan and Sara. Then end of school is pretty stressful. Kerrie got an award today, but I was not notified, so I missed it. It made me sad when I found out.

    Let me know how I can help with all your craziness.

  4. Yes, speaking whale comes in handy. I've been thinking of Dory a lot lately . . . Jane is really excited to see the feesheees on your blog, so maybe she'll actually watch Nemo if I put it on.

    ANYwho, I'm glad you're having bright spots in the busyness.


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