Monday, July 12, 2010

The Net Worked and I Didn't Fall

Today things calm down. My folks are gone, and the goodbye was okay. For now it just feels like one of my mom's normal trips out to see my siblings. She has often been gone for a couple of months at a time, so for now, it's like that. Her house next door does look bare without her plants on the porch and all that. But the good news is that her plants are now all at my house, so it won't be so bad. At least that's what I'm telling myself.

The better news is that really I was so blessed today of all days. It could have been one big cry-fest, but it wasn't. I had something to keep me busy: A long drive to take S and E to a church camp near Roanoke, VA. Traffic was rotten for part of the time, so I had to really concentrate. That was good.  While I was driving to Virginia, I got a text from my dear pal who knew it would be a hard day. She was just thinking about me. It made me smile and feel like I could make it through. Then I got to talk to my pal Gwen who called about business stuff but is fun and uplifting to talk to no matter what We always end up laughing and I always feel deeply of her warm heart and happy personality, just like when we're together in person. It was a good reminder that long-distance friendships are rich and wonderful. That got me through a long stretch of I-81 south.  Later, on the way home, when I was all alone,  I also got to talk to Amy all the way in Germany. She has a plan that lets her call here for no extra charges, and it was so nice to hear her voice and talk to her little girls. They both told me that they were having lots of fun over there, and they sounded happy. That makes me happy. That call got me through that long 60 miles of I-66 east to 695. THEN, as if I wasn't blessed enough, after the drive was over and I was facing a completely empty house, I got to spend a sweet, golden hour with a far-away friend who was in town visiting family. I am still all aglow that she made that time for me on her way back home. It was special and fun and again, the timing was perfect. And of course, I talked to my mom a couple of times, just like we always do-checking up on where each was on the road and chatting about the details. Nothing was different.

So even though I'm a bit left behind right now, I'm really not, thanks to women who become strands in a million different nets for so many people all the time. I'd be flat on my face most of the time if it weren't for the many strands in my Net.

And of course, thanks to my mom for the great privilege of spending nearly my entire adult life in your orbit. It has been a pleasure and a joy. I look forward to seeing you blossom and thrive in your new little home in the west.


  1. Kel I've been thinking about you all day and am so grateful for your net! How lucky and blessed you are to have such wonderful love and support.

  2. This was a very sweet post. Hugs & love.

  3. Hi, Kellie - it's Teri. Clearly it's been way too long since I caught up with Steph - which grandchild is getting married??? And I will miss your folks too. I have a lot of happy memories of spending time in their house.

  4. Yes, very sweet. It's always hard to adjust with those big changes. I'm glad you had a nice strong net.

  5. I'm catching up on all the blogs and your comments about your mom of course touched me. I'm visiting mine now and am cherishing every moment.
    Hugs to you!


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