Tuesday, August 31, 2010

August Rush

August ends today
With me smiling.
One of those big, silly ones that comes of its own accord-
There is so much for me to smile about today. 

At the beginning of the month, my first born,
whom I carried through my last year of formal education,
and who started me in my life's work,
struck out and made his own family.
It was the right time.  

Now, at the end of the month, I'm back at school. 
One class, every Tuesday. 
As I drove home, the smile started down deep inside
And just burst out
And I was wistful that it would be a whole week 
Before I could walk across campus again. 

It's just art 101 at a community college, 
But it is the right time.
I shake my head and smile again: 
I have a student ID
And a parking permit,
And a reason to wear a pink HCC shirt, 
The 10-dollar one in the basket next to the bookstore cash register.
It made me smile so I bought it.
So utterly ordinary, 
But happy, heady realizations for me.

Because I am first a mother
And closed the textbooks for a while,
Now there's a side door to open. 
My kids are giving me advice and
Smiling their pride and support. 
It's a nice symmetry.
And here I am
Shaking my head, and smiling.


  1. as always... a delight to read. Miss you my friend.. and so glad to hear you're life is forming a nice round circle. :-)

  2. What a fabulous turn of events, Kellie. You definitely are keeping life interesting. :)

  3. That's great! I can't tell you how often people ask me why I don't just take classes now to finish my degree and I tell them the same thing - I'm focusing on being a mommy right now. But I hope that side door opens for me too down the road. Hope your class goes awesomely.:)

  4. Being a part of the HCC alumni - I say wear your pink shirt proudly!

  5. This is such a sweet post! You are so amazing. I love picturing you all happy, walking around with your cute college shirt!

  6. I meant to ask you how it went this week. I am so glad it gave you one of those deep down in the soul smiles. I can't wait to see you in your pink shirt.

  7. this made me cry! (what's wrong with me?! i'm rarely emotional!).

    so happy for you. you sound like you're in a very good place.

  8. :-) This one really made me smile mom. Love you.

  9. YAY! So happy for you. Good luck!


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