Friday, October 22, 2010

A Day of Borrowed Joys

Three little ones came to stay
I wondered if would remember how
but it was a good beginning
when he ran and catapulted himself into my arms for a hello
and I did remember how to hold a book and a 4 year old
and a pillow and a blankie
all at the same time
and do voices, too
The heavy warmth of their heads on my shoulders
and little hands helping turn pages
brought actual tears
when Evan came in to listen to a bit of Hermit Crab's adventures and
smiled a small smile of his own remembering
Later, she carefully tucked her tooth under the pillow
because of course the tooth fairy would find her at my house
(lucky for me, the Tooth Fairy remembered)
and I wondered at how quickly they called it my room and my bed
and gave whole-hearted kisses and hugs goodnight
and then, just like that
fell peacefully asleep

Today was full of why home is always best
Because no offense, but these scrambled eggs taste wierd
and yes it is pretty but actually it's not a FULL moon
because that was yesterday
Actually it's a teeny, tiny bit of a waning gibbous
She said it with a patient shake of her head
and such forbearance for my ignorance
and I remember how I used to amaze my children equally well
by knowing either everything or nothing
as two little boys needed constant information
And I found myself reaching way back to give answers to questions
that came every 5 minutes
Like why does some popcorn grow inside little paper bags
Why can't we go to Target to get some better toys than these ones
or my favorite, with stomach clutched
Kellie, I'm actually starving to deaf
Not 10 minutes after yet another bowl of goldfish and a banana
disappeared into his mouth
I remember but my rhythm is off
Now my kids know how to cook
and google

Tonight they're snug under blankets for movie night
Dreaming of the unheard of decadence
of Lucky Charms and Cocoa Puffs for breakfast
because I'm one of those moms
hoping it will make up for no pancakes
and being a bit late for picking up after school
But I have to rush off into a crazy day tomorrow
and I'll miss them
I'm glad there will be other little ones coming to stay soon
And other chances for proper Saturday breakfasts
And I sit here, still at last, thinking
that my rhythm wasn't that far off
and sometime in the not so distant past I was this kind of mom
because today I wasn't making it up
I remembered


  1. So sweet. I love that picture. It makes my daily life seem a little bit more lovely and less why-did-we-have-kids-again as i get hung up on the fighting, waking up before 5, potty battles, eating battles, dressing battles, etc. It's hard to believe that this phase, that also includes "i hold you!" "Camun cuddle wif momma?" "I wub you mom", will pass so quickly.

  2. Kel, they have NOTHING but good things to say. This weekend helped me to remember the joy of mothering and I am so grateful for your help in that. They did NOT want to leave Evan and Sara, the promise that they could come again and that TOMORROW they could see them again finally got us out the door. You & your children have brought me such comfort and peace this weekend. THANK YOU!

  3. I love that pic of Mason at the end. His eyelashes truly seem to go on FOREVER.

  4. This is LOVERLY friend. Truly. Beautiful. You are a crazy awesome mom - if I didn't know it already from real life, I would know it from reading this :)

  5. This is soo beautiful. You are an amazing friend and mommy.

  6. I meant to tell you this a week ago and somehow never managed to, but I love this post. Everything about it. This may sound odd, but I can't wait for you to be a Grandma. :) And you do know that your home is a magical place? :)


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