Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Big News, a Few More Photos From My Trip, and I Might Just Be a Digital Girl

So, the big news first:
My Sam got his mission call to serve for 2 years for our church.  He'll become one of those endearing Mormon missionaries in his shirt, tie and nametag, and he'll be serving in...

Anaheim California!

We arranged a conference call and he opened the envelope on his own in his room, then came out and told the crowd of roommates and family that were gathered in his apartment while we on the phone listened.  It was a thrilling moment as the news washed over us all and we began to imagine his experiences and challenges while trying to spread the best parts of the Christian faith to any in that part of California who might be looking.

So, the next time you see a young missionary of any faith, remember that they're not brainwashed (in fact I sort of think it would be impossible to brainwash a kid this age) or crazy or going to force their ideas upon you. They're just good-hearted, normal young people like my son, choosing on their own to give up pretty much everything for a time in order to try and bring a little light and hope into the world. Maybe you could even invite them in for a cool drink and give them a minute or two of your time. You'll feel better for it, I promise.

And now some photos. The day I left Colorado, my wonderful sister-in-law and my two amazing nephews took me to a favorite local park for a nature walk.  We found sticks and ice and trees and of course a heart-shaped rock or two.  It was really fun to be with this wonderful family of my blood and enjoy these cute boys' personalities.

As for digital vs. film, I think I might have to vote for digital right now. I took two rolls of film on this trip, both while snowshoeing and on this walk, and because I apparently loaded the camera wrong (in spite of following the instructions in the manual to the letter), not a single image was recorded. That makes me genuinely sad because I saw some lovely things. So, until my skills improve, I am grateful for the immediacy and ease of digital images.  Hopefully as this class proceeds and I get reacquainted with the slower pace and more careful decision-making of film, I'll feel differently.

Mom and her oldest

A grove of trees waits for spring

Two boys, a stick and a small
body of water: a perfect combo

The ice moves!

It looks heart-shaped to me. This one was huge,
so it did not come home with me. 

We grownups were pretty pleased
with this impromptu portrait. It
captures the current tendencies
and personalities of both boys. 

The high desert in late winter-a million shades of subtle color

Running down the path!

My goodbye from California. This was the view out the
window as I took the elevator down to catch my taxi to
the airport.


  1. Woohoo for Sam! That is wonderful! And that map brings back memories - that is exactly where I grew up! I hope he has a wonderful mission there!

  2. That is thrilling! Please tell me he exclaimed: "I'm going to Disneyland!" at some point during the last day. :) Being a stateside missionary myself I think that is awesome. My closest cousins growing up lived in Rowland Heights. I just remember visiting them and, my sister and I, like the country bumpkins we were, wanting to go the shopping mall and ride the escalators!

    That's too bad about the film shots. Matt's had several mishaps in his endeavors to keep film alive with his vintage Nikon. Sometimes he'll shoot on slide film and it's fun to load up the slide projector for the kids (and us!) for a good old fashioned slideshow.

    You got some sweet photos. And I totally see the heart rock.

  3. What fun news! Such the cycle you're on with sending out and bringing back in missionaries. So great! My little brother served in Anaheim (he's been home for 6 years now, tho). When is he leaving??

  4. Seriously, such exciting new about Sam!! That film thing is such a frustration, though. I remember when I took my film from my trip to England to be developed, they LOST one of my rolls. LOST. The roll with Stonehenge and Avebury and Bath. OH it made me SO SAD! I love just having digital :)

  5. So exciting!! His mission looks about as tiny as the DC North Mission (At least the Spanish part of the mission, which doesn't touch the rural areas: Germantown SE to Capitol Heights, and the Tidal Basin NW to Laurel). Anyway, I'm sure he'll get to meet and teach people from many different cultures. And he gets the benefit of hot showers every day, which luxury I'm guessing neither of his brothers experienced. :) One of the many reasons I was happy to be called state-side!

    So sad about the film. :( It reminded me for half a second about my kids: They have a broken film p&s the play with. Of course it doesn't have film in it, but this is what they do to check "the picture" after they've "taken" it: they open the back of the camera. Heaven help them if they ever try using the real deal! :)

    You did get some lovely shots, though, and I also like that portrait; though I obviously don't know the boys, it makes me feel like I do. Bien hecho! :)

    (And this is where I make my long comment even longer by apologizing for its length.)

  6. Yay for Sam! I know he'll love California. You should consider picking him up when he's through, then you can go to Disneyland! Plus, no snow for him for two years! That will help with his packing ;)

  7. Hurray for a mission call!! What an awesome moment for your whole family!!


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