Saturday, February 26, 2011

Thoughts from a Far-Away Daughter

My mom had to go to the hospital last night with some alarming symptoms. My dad was with her and my sister was in the know and awesome about keeping me up to date, and Mom didn't end up getting admitted, but it was a worrying time.

I'm really grateful for the ways that we can stay in touch so quickly. I was able to finally get to sleep as soon as my sister's text with the diagnosis came through and I knew that things were under control. I remember times when there was no way to get information if someone was in the hospital and all you could do was wait.

Sometimes I get annoyed with myself when I check my email constantly or look at an app instead of going outside to see what the weather's like, but in a situation like we had last night, I'm okay with instant gratification.


  1. I'm so glad she's okay!! That's really scary. I totally agree, technology is SO HELPFUL in times like that.


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