Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter Weekend

Sam got home from BYU on Friday, so on Saturday we had everyone together for an outing. We chose the Udvar-Hazy Hangar of the Air and Space Museum out by Dulles Airport.  It was a lot of fun, including seeing some serious flying machines, an IMAX film about fighter pilots and lots of time to just hang out.
Everyone at the balcony of the hangar overlooking the
mighty SR-71 Supersonic Recon Aircraft, seen in the
next photo. 
This aircraft really is amazing. On its last flight,
from LA to Washington DC, it set a record
by flying that distance in just a little over
 an hour. That's almost 2200 mph. If it needed
to evade a missile, it just accelerated. 

A rare photograph that includes me. In front of a real
space shuttle orbiter. 

The brothers being matchy. 

Sara and Evan squinting into the sun
so I could get a photo. 

I like this sculpture at the Udvar-Hazy
Center. I think it is called Ascent.  

This is one of the Concorde aircraft.
Eric was fortunate to be able to fly
in one of these, a British Airways
version, before they were retired. It was a
fun  experience for someone who used
to help design aircraft.

Sunday we had a lovely day of remembering Easter in all its religious and cultural splendor.  The Easter Bunny switched things up and made an egg hunt for the kids to find some treats, and everyone good-naturedly participated in the fun. My kids are just heroic that way-always participating in traditions and family fun even when they are probably too old for it. I appreciate that about them.

There is an egg perched between the side mirror and the
the car window. Evan can't see it. Everyone else can but
it is one of his so they can't claim it. 

He still doesn't see it. 

Finally, when everyone came and stood right by it,
he figured it out.

Church was wonderful, full of reminders of why I do what I do every day.  Eric spoke in Sacrament mtg. and I gave a lesson to all the teenaged girls. I think it went well. I made these brownies as a sort of object lesson about appreciating your own unique talents and they really are amazing-a delicious, fudgy, dark chocolate treat-those usually make the best object lessons. You should totally try them.

Our holiday dinner went off without a hitch-traditional with all the trimmings-Ham, scalloped potatoes, artichokes, asparagus, homemade rolls, deviled eggs, yum.

I hope that you had a delightful Easter with your family and friends and that even if you don't celebrate the spiritual side, that you are feeling the joy of springtime and are considering the wonderful reality of having a fresh start.


  1. does anyone get too old for Easter egg hunts? i think not. :)

    and sunday meetings were wonderful, weren't they? i really enjoyed bishop's talk.

  2. I love your B&W Easter food collage! We had very similar fare this year. Your Easter egg hunt sounded so fun.

  3. You did have a wonderful holiday. That dinner looked great. Saw your blog at the Brave Girls forum. See you around there. www.ksimonedesigns.blogspot.com

  4. Those pictures of your big kids hunting eggs are priceless. I love it :)


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