Sunday, May 22, 2011


I'm still fighting something, but I feel a bit better. I'm taking my vitamins and have tried to rest whenever I had the chance. I had a few commitments that were really important to me, so I was glad I felt good enough yesterday to make it through the day.

Yesterday morning the boys got back from their annual father-son campout with dramatically uncombed hair and smelling of smoke and trees and fresh air. I was especially happy to hear the stories of my big boys playing with the little boys-of Xavey and Daniel and Preston and other piling on top of Eric and Johnathan and Sam and Evan. It's one of those sweet I-must-have-done-something-right moments when I know that my kids' hearts are big enough to love other people's kids. It's important to me. I was loved by so many special adults and older kids and I remember how it felt to be important to someone who didn't actually have to love me, but instead chose to be my friend. 

After they got home I headed out to teach a sewing class for a group of women. I was expecting about 10 people for the class, so I printed handouts and designed the class for a medium group and even asked a friend to come help me teach. Only 2 people showed up for the actual class, plus 1 who came to sit and sew. I have to admit I was a bit  disappointed for a quick moment because of how hard I had worked to prepare. It was tempting to think that I could have been home in my bed instead of there teaching a class that didn't even bother to show up. But fortunately, I serve in church because I actually love these people as much as I love God and really, whether faith comes into it or not,  it's just one of those things that when you choose to volunteer for something, you have to give your all, even if it doesn't go the way you thought it would. Usually, something comes back to fill up any empty spaces you might feel. This happened for me almost immediately and the temptation passed quickly away--in fact it was a lovely afternoon. The 2 who were there to make the project I had prepared were friends that I really enjoyed spending the time with in a more personal way. My sweet friend Julia who came just to help me made me feel loved and valued by her willingness. I noticed that she got to spend some quality time with Deb who came just for the company and it was all very cozy. Lisa is a new friend and Brenda is moving away soon so it I'm truly glad it went this way and we got the chance to sit by each other and sew for 3 hours.

The afternoon was spent getting groceries for today's big birthday celebration for Sara, Sam and our pal Stephanie, then, with only a brief break to change my clothes the evening went toward helping out at a youth dance with kids from all over central Maryland. It reminded me of how much I love being among teens and seeing their goodness, even at a dance. It was so nice to chat with the girls from my congregation in a different setting than when we as leaders are trying to teach them or help them accomplish their various goals. It was good just to watch them play.

I got home tired but satisfied. This morning I slept a little late, got the cake made for the Birthday Trifle, and just finished giving the Birthday Ribs their rubdown with fragrant spices. I will pop them into a slow oven just before I leave for church. It will be another full day, but full of all the things that are important to me-family, friends, faith, learning, caring for my loved ones, hearing them laugh together, and all that.  So it can only be a good day.

Here's what I've been watching while I rested this week.


  1. I miss you! I wish I could have come to your little sewing group. :)
    I hope that you keep feeling better!

  2. When I looked at the pictures and saw the ones of my boys playing with YOUR boys, I knew good times must've been had. Bless you for raising them :)

  3. Those birthday ribs and trifle sound so good! I'm glad the sewing group ended up being fun. Wish I could have been there with you!:)

  4. I heard from my sweet nephews the campout was great, and now I know one of the reasons why!!

  5. You had a crazy weekend. Thank you for being so willing to help my family in the midst of a very busy schedule.


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