Tuesday, September 27, 2011

An Account of My Not Blogging

Every time I start a post, I can think only of the other things I need to do, so I go do those instead. I've been blessed with lots of photo opportunities lately, as well as lots of good knitting opportunities. I also still feel a bit like I'm catching up after all the travel of the summer and that surgery that was harder than I thought. (All is well on that score, by the way. Swelling is gone, cancer is gone,  scarring is neat and minimal, doc says numbness will go away eventually.) I am down in the anemia dumps for the moment as well, which means that every time I stop moving around and am not frantically running from place to place, I immediately fall into suspended animation or slow motion or something that causes me to not move again for a long time. I'm back to taking my iron, so hopefully I'll have a little oxygen in my bloodstream again soon and be able to stay conscious. I'm just so used to feeling this way, it has to get really bad before I realize, "Oh yeah, this actually IS NOT normal."

Today I'm letting my heart be tender as my good friend has said goodbye to her dear husband after a long fight with Parkinson's disease. He died quietly and peacefully and is now free of a host of physical challenges. I like thinking of his spirit being free to continue learning and growing. I also like thinking of he and my friend together again someday.  Jann and I visited with her today, and it was a special time for us. She is a woman of faith, and I have been impressed watching her go through this experience with a sense of gratitude, positive energy and love.

I have some trips to post about, some pictures I want to record here, and some things that I just want to write down, so hopefully I'll be back soon, but I probably shouldn't make any promises in case it's another 2 weeks.  Here's a preview of one of the trip posts, anyway. I went to Kentucky last weekend to see two of my sisters and this is one of the things I found affixed to a storm drain in that fascinating place. If you can tell me what it means, I'd love that. I'm sure I can google it, but I'm too tired right now.


  1. so you don't have to google it yourself (from kp) ... J.R. Hoe & Sons is a U.S. manufacturer of quality cast and fabricated metal products. Gray and ductile iron castings made in the HOE Kentucky foundry serve in the pump and valve, construction equipment, aluminum smelting industries, and others. HOE offers casting machining to produce OEM parts for manufacturers which are shipped globally. The company produces its own line of HOE of KY construction castings and fabrications specified by engineers for street and highway construction projects throughout the region. J.R. Hoe & Sons is also an AISC fabricator of steel, stainless steel and aluminum. It supplies domestic materials to regional infrastructure projects such as transportation, power plant, military base, river lock & dam projects, and water treatment plants. HOE Structural and Miscellaneous fabricated metals have recently gone into major infrastructure construction projects in Kentucky, Virginia, North Carolina, Georgia, Florida and Tennessee. J.R. Hoe and Sons is a HUB ZONE certified supplier.

  2. Kellie! Hello. :) I've been out of the blogging world since the end of July, due to some big life changes, and I've missed you. I've just read through all the posts I've missed, and Wow! You've had a busy time of it, even without blogging it all. I'm SO glad you caught the cancer early and are going to be okay in that department. And I hope and pray you'll soon have the anemia under control, too. ((Hugs))

  3. yikes!! feel better sweet friend!

  4. Oh, I know how you feel. I was in a blogging rut until I felt like I really needed to document what is happening with me right now. But I'm still in a reading rut. You do what you can do, eh?


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