Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Breathing Room

I am not yet caught up on all the happenings of our trip, but right now I'm at a friend's house and don't have access to my photos, so I'm taking a moment from the travelogue to write and reflect on the trip so far. I will catch up on all the fun things we did during the remainder of last week and put up a lot more photos, I promise.

The past few days have brought a respite from the solid two weeks of going, going, going, and it has been a good thing. I knew when I planned a three-week trip that it could not all be filled with events and sight-seeing. One of the primary purposes of the trip has been to spend time with special people and renew/strengthen relationships with both family and friends. I am happy to say that end has been achieved, even if we would not be deemed successful by a true historian or traveller who is intent on seeing "important" points of interest. Rick Steves would definitely be disappointed in us, but that's okay. I have experienced so many things that were part of the dream trip that I've been concocting in my head for so long. Sights, sounds, tastes, and moments that to me constitute the soul of Europe (my pal Amy gets credit for that phrase) have filled my mind and heart and I'm truly, perfectly satisfied. And it's not even over. Paris and the Alps and The Bayeux Tapestry will most likely be here the next time I come, and I'll be perhaps better prepared to experience them on my terms.

I am so happy to have had time to spend meaningful moments with my niece and nephews and feel close again to my sister-in-law who I love so much and see my wonderful brother be such a great dad. I love that I got to stay up late with Felicity and talk photography and life and mothering and see her beautiful home and play with her darling boys. And now I'm taking walks and eating good bread and cheese with Amy and my kids are with friends they love and it's frankly, perfect. We will do more exploring before the week is out, and I'm glad about that as well. I can't wait for the Mosel River Valley and another castle or two and more of that bread and cheese. Oh and of course the chocolate. It's everywhere and so good. But for today, being here in my room reading my book while Amy naps and the kids play catch on the lawn and watch a movie feels just right.

Just a quick and dirty shot from my phone, but definitely some of my favorite things to see in Europe.

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