Wednesday, September 19, 2012

California Adventure

My friend Gwen invited us to come visit her family's cabin in California. I have a soft spot for family cabins in the woods, so I was pleased to be invited and many months ago, I made a plan with her to actually go. Labor Day weekend was the time and King's Canyon was the place. Eric went with me and we left Evan with wonderful friends who took great care of him.

Here is what we did:

  • Flew into LA. I know, but it was waaayy cheaper. Next time we'll fly into the Bay Area. 
  • Drove up through the traffic and the Grapevine and the Great Valley to Le Grand, CA, and the charming, old, heritage-laden house where Gwen lives with her incredibly cool husband, Arlis. 
  • Had a fabulous dinner, made by our hosts. 
  • Walked around the town of Le Grand and was amazed and delighted by the lasting imprint of Gwen's family on the place. 
  • Slept blissfully in the pleasant, cool, valley night air. 
  • Went to Fresno to teach a class to an AWESOME group of knitters at Sheeper Than Therapy. 
  • Drove up the foothills of the Sierra Nevada to Wilsonia, CA, which is the best-ever little neighborhood of cabins right inside King's Canyon National Park. It has an interesting story that you can read about here and here. 
  • Hiked, gawked at giant pinecones, giant trees, giant rocks and amazing views. 
  • Played games. 
  • Ate fabulous meals. 
  • Played more games. 
  • Hiked more. 
  • Talked and talked with G and A. 
  • Hiked and played games and ate. (s'mores made with the little wrapped squares of Ghiardelli chocolate!!!!)
  • Took about 500 photos
  • Drove back to LA and flew home, having hardly believed I was actually in such a beautiful place. 
But you know I have proof. So here you go. These and a few others are also on Facebook. More photos to come. 
Gwen and Arlis--thank you from our hearts-this trip was very special!
King's Canyon. Amazing. 

In Black and White or Color. It's just gorgeous with
soaring canyon walls and great granite monoliths and domes. 

Me, enjoying feeling Hobbit-like. 

The Cabin
Arlis looks out coolly out on the view from a cool
fire lookout tower. 

Giant Sequoia with a characteristic split
at the bottom that is big enough inside for Eric
and I to live.  Seriously. 
I'm a little crazy about this cabin. 

The boys finished their hike a bit early and waited
patiently for us. 

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