Thursday, May 22, 2014

A Morning in Pictures

I've been doing little of personal writing in the last months. I have a million drafts, but can't get them focused and finished. So, I decided to tell you about this quiet morning in my house with some immediate photos. All of these were taken in the last hour. These are the things on my mind, but now it's time to get going.
It rained this morning. Taking this photo was an exercise in selective focus, which is
something I wrestle with. Should I notice the beauty of the raindrops or the clutter
on the porch outside? Or the muddy pawprints that remind me I need to wash windows?
I have to finish planting today. This is some kale that is none too thrilled to still be in a peat pot, but look how beautifully that drooping leaf captured the drops of water. 
The sun has already returned, which means my day needs to get started.  I love mornings, but I want them to last all day. I want to "dwell in possibility."

Another kale is waiting more patiently.  I am glad that I can see and capture the beauty in these delicate purple-green curls. 

This is a box of junk I need to dispose of quickly. Some of it is fabric and some of those pieces will become simple skirts and scarves, some will go away.  The bubble wrap reminds me that I need to get two packages mailed today. And a letter. 
I'm working on staining and finishing a spinning wheel. It needs to get done soon as well.  I have been itching to spin. And I need to be able to walk around in my studio again. 
The window of my studio. I love these colors but am wondering if I'll ever use this yarn. It might be time to let it go.  I just profiled a designer for my website and she spoke of the simplicity and austerity of her surroundings. Mine are not so. Sometimes I like the clutter for its color and story-telling. Sometimes I want everything gone. 
I have been sewing on those fabrics. 3 scarves and a skirt so far. Today though, the machines are put away so I can do other things. I'll sew again next week. 

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