Sunday, June 15, 2014

From the iPhone Camera Roll

Here are some recent photos from my phone, compiled here as journaling.

May 9: Trip to the park with Corinne and the twinks. 

May 11, Mother's Day, 2014: hangout with Eric, Evan and I at home,  Sister Nuss in Brasil and Jeff, Ashlyn, Baby, Johnathan and Sam in Utah. 

At eye therapy. I was trying to get a view of what my eyes were actually doing during the exercise because the tech kept telling me I was doing it wrong, yet I could see what I was supposed to be seeing. Eye therapy is hard sometimes. 

Sheely's birthday. For many years, I've been taking her out for a manicure and a refreshing frozen treat. 

Someday we won't get to do this, so I want to remember every minute. 

May 21: I'm inordinately proud of my baby mantises. This was weeks ago, so they are probably full-grown by now. 

May 22: My desk. Too cluttered probably, but comfortingly filled with things I like. 

May 22: If you look closely, you can see a baby copperhead hanging out under those leaves. I found him on a bike ride. He's reallypretty, and I'm sure much bigger now. At this point he was about 12 inches long and the diameter of the base of my thumb. One fun memory of this is that it sparked an all-day, on and off text convo with my older brother about what kind of snake and lots of other general wildlife awesomeness.  
May 26: Cunningham Falls State Park with Julia. We had a lovely drive up there and a really satisfying hike to the falls. Love spending time with her. 

May 29: I did write about graduation and my parents' visit, but here it is in the timeline. 
May 31: Tiny tick. I was at a friend's house and their son found this on his leg. We could make out that it was a tick even though it was smaller than the head of a pin, but I was curious and wanted more detail. So, this was taken with my phone and we just zoomed in and cropped till we could see more. 

June 3: Last year I noticed that some real strawberries (as opposed to the wild ones that are my garden nemeses) were growing in a spot of ground. I let them be and even built them a bed and now I have a strawberry patch. These were the first gatherings and they were delish with some cottage cheese and golden turbinado sugar. 

June 5:  This is a photo of a photo that arrived in the mail. Sara got to her mission in Brasil on April 15, but snail mail took nearly 6 weeks to bring the report to us that she arrived alive. Ha. Thank goodness for email. Anyway, it's Sister Nuss, missionary,  with President and Sister Fernandes, her leaders while she serves there. 

June 6: More of the twinks, with Evan this time. I managed to keep them both alive for a whole day while Corinne rode the coasters at Six Flags with Sheely.  We have fun times when we are together. It's perfect because for me, a day with babies is entertainment, unlike it used to be 20 years ago and was my job. 

I told them to say cheese and they did! 

June 7: Evan's completed (except for about 10 screws missing from one of the tables) eagle project at BBES, where he himself went to elementary school. He did a great job and got this sweet mention in the school newsletter. 

June 9: I put some stuff up for giveaway on an email list and this shot of a craft lamp makes it look a bit like a bioluminescent sea creature. 

June 9: Another giveaway. I guess my dream of rock stardom is dead. We bought this for Jeff many years ago and while I hope it inspired some dreams, no one ever became proficient. 

June 12: I found this of Sara at age 4 months or so and took a phone pic to show Ashlyn. Sara had so much hair. 

June 14. Yesterday. I started the day with a session in the temple. It was a good beginning. 

June 14: Later on yesterday I could be found outside trying to keep the weeds at bay. I made some progress, but mostly enjoyed the beautiful weather and this view looking up from the ground.

So there you go. My life in images. What are you seeing these days?

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