Sunday, September 07, 2014

Photo Roundup

It's been a great, intense, interesting, joyful, slightly crazy week. I have lots of words spilling out of my brain, but no time to edit them right now. Thus, I'm going to let the photos do the talking. 

Sunrise over the Wasatch Front as seen from Lake Shore, Ut. 

One of my favorite views. 

Knitting puns are always fun. Found this at a local yarn shop.
The graphic is an industry symbol for a very thin yarn. 

Maryland Baltimore Mission Meet-up #1. I've been serving as a local missionary
for about a year and a half and have worked closely with some of the full-time
missionaries who come to my area. Meeting up with them after their missions
and cementing friendships in the real world means a lot to me. 

Maryland Baltimore Mission Meetup #2 Same caption as above. 

The view from well, pretty much everywhere in Provo.
(Except there are no words in the sky.
I did that.)
What a storm looks like when you live at 4900 feet of elevation,
the sun is setting, you can see for 50 miles and there are mountains in the distance. 

A group of the older cousins, plus the very newest cousin.
My kids, granddarling, and my nephew and his wife. We were at the nephew's
wedding open house all together. It was lovely. 

The bride and groom. 

The late evening was spent, all as a family, helping my son
and his wife move to a new house. I like this goofy pic because
my son is hopping down the stairs to bring in another load, while
my daughter-in-law, visible in the upstairs window, gives her sis
a first tour of the new place. 

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  1. Lovely pictures - jealous you got to meet up with Sister Hollis!!!


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