Sunday, November 16, 2014

The Social Media Split

There's a song the children sing at church: 

I belong to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. 

I know who I am.  

I know God's plan. 

I'll follow him in Faith. 

I believe in the Savior Jesus Christ. 

I'll honor his name. 

I'll do what is right; I'll follow His Light.  

His truth I will proclaim! 

I love that it is a series of simple declarations; nothing complicated. It perfectly encapsulates how I feel about my faith. 

Friday, November 14, 2014

On and Off the Road Again

I had a great week at my sister's house. I meant to post as soon as I got home so I wouldn't get behind YET again, but you know how that goes sometimes. I'm making a stab now at least. I am slow doing a lot of things because I can't do it the way I think I should, but as I get older and ostensibly wiser, I realize that the forward progress is usually the best option of all.

The fun times of the week included my sister's amazing cooking (no photos, sorry-too busy eating), some glorious weather that took us outside to a park for minnow-fishing, a photo session, sandcastles building, and a bird that let us get so close I wondered if it was injured. In between, there were driving-in-the-car talks with my nephews as I made the school runs, hugs, and some nice conversations with my little sis. With some great help from the thirteen-year old, I got the video done for 2sides2points that I needed to do. Thirteen year olds are very good to have nearby when doing technical things.

I made it home safe and sound, driving mostly in the post-twilight and pre-dawn dark of Autumn, so there are no thrilling photos, but I really do wish I could have properly captured the moon rise on Friday night and the sunrise on Saturday morning. Just beautiful. I will remember in my mind.

I'm grateful I got to take this trip and reconnect with this strong and unique branch of my big family.

This cloud formation amazed me and I took so many pictures
my neck was getting sore from bending back to look at it. 

Then the sun started setting behind it and it was even more

The autumn leaves were peaking in TN. 

The castle and keep. The moat was indeed filled
with water later on. 

I wish I lived in a castle guarded by these two. 

My portable studio. You can see the video I
made here

Me and the TN People.

That MOON! It was stunning. I almost stopped
to take pictures with my big camera. Almost.
But I needed to get home. 

Next morning, the moon in the sunrise-lit
western sky over I-81. 

And home again to our almost-tiny house in the burbs. It's
not fancy, but I sure love to see it after trips away. 

Tuesday, November 04, 2014

This Is Not Becoming a Book Blog

Even though the last three posts were book reviews, I'm still writing here about everything. Well almost everything. I am trying to catch up on recording books I've read, though. I have a tendency to forget details or even that I've read a book, so it's feeling important to me to make my list more complete. There are so many books that have never made it into this blog and while I'm not going to try and catch up fully, I am going to try and fill in some of the blanks.

So what's going on? Right now I'm in Tennessee. My sister lives here. She's girl number 3 in the family, and child number 5. I'm girl number 1; child number 2, in case you were wondering.  She's 8 years younger than me, is married and has three boys aged 13, 9 and 9 (twins, not a typo).

She ambulates via wheelchair and generally makes people forget that fact. I love that about her. I think if I used a wheelchair I might have a neon sign installed on my forehead insisting on bonus points and gold stars. Not so much with this one. The sign on her forehead says, "Let's make Nutella cookies and do some fun crafts!" Yes, you do want to be her friend.

Recently she broke her leg for the second time this year. Wheelchairs cause brittle bones. Just sayin. It was a nasty break above the knee. So yes, that's the femur. The biggest bone in the body. Snap. Crackle. Ow. They didn't do surgery because she won't ever be bearing weight on it, but that ginormous cast and the challenges she already has with limb function have pretty much grounded her. The rather mysterious illness (seriously, we don't know exactly what happened) that put her in the chair makes her whole body weak, so she's not one of those amazing folks with giant muscles in her upper body. She struggles for nearly every move, and remarked tonight that she finds sweeping the floor with a broom to be a serious workout. I know it sounds sappy, but I really do think about that when I blithely sweep and wish I didn't have to instead of being grateful I can. Anyway, she hasn't been able to drive, do much cooking (her "thing") or be in her chair all the time. Her husband works from home, so he's been a good partner all these weeks and handled the school runs and errands, but he is out of town this week.

So I got in my snazzy red car and drove down here. The trip went well because I like to drive and it was extremely beautiful country all the way. I listened to Shakespeare's Star Wars Trilogy and The Happiness Project and laughed, cried and solved all my problems in one trip.

The foliage in Southern VA and Eastern TN
was dramatic, especially with a dusting of snow. 

Chilly at a gorgeous rest stop. 


Now I'm just trying to be useful by doing the school runs and errands, catching up on the garden chores and helping her keep house. Nothing major, just the simplest of tasks, but for a creative woman like her, who works really hard to make a home, it matters that things not feel totally out of control. I'm puttering around, helping her with the clutter that's accumulated over a month of recuperation, helping her ease back into independence, and enjoying plenty of minutes of just companionable hanging out. And Nutella cookies.

I made her laugh with a secret, silly question right as my
nephew took the photo. I kinda love this one of us.