Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Beauty and Bounty of the Farmer's Market

Well, these are not artistic photos of produce, but it all looks really pretty on my table. I found wonderful colored cauliflowers in purple, orange and the lovliest green. I found brussels sprouts still on the stalk, giant sweet potatoes and potatoes still dusty from being in the ground a few days ago. I love buying local stuff that really is local stuff. I am trying sooooo hard to get my eating to a higher plane. My main birthday present to myself is to lose some weight, and enjoying this kind of beauty is really helpful for me. Haven't written much, but life's been crazy. Now that Stitches is done, things have settled down a bit. The fall continues to hang on and be absolutely beautiful. Last Sunday it was grey and blustery on the way home from church, but the trees on the side of I-95 were the exact color to simply glow against the seemingly drab background. I quite enjoyed the drive with the beautiful leaves standing out in really beautiful contrast to the neutral sky.

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  1. Someday we should make some brussel sprouts together so I can know what to do with them :)


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