Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Signs of Spring

I feel a little like I am pushing myself up through the softened ground, reaching for sunlight. The past couple of months have been oddly chaotic and disconnected for me. I've been busy, its true, but no more busy than at other times in my life, yet this blog is not the only thing that has languished. I got the memory book done, with a great deal of help from Corinne and my family and I feel good about it. I had a successful run at Stitches in California-my classes went well and my trip was fun. I've thrilled to Jeff's great mission experiences. My life hasn't been radically different, but for some reason, recording what's been going on has taken a back seat.

But here I am, back in the saddle, with dafodills blooming in the front yard and gentle breezes caressing me while I roll down all the windows in my car. My dear friends came over tonight for Giant Journaling and I felt awakened. They were so fun to be among-to listen to, to laugh with, to be amazed by. It was really energizing. I got a page done and started a major layout about refuge. I chose to depict books as my refuge because I do truly escape into them.

Lucky for me, we are not limited to just one beginning in this life. I'm grateful for yet another opportunity.


Thank you for sharing your insights!