Friday, April 27, 2007

A Nice Couple of Days

One of Eric's clients changed a major policy about handling office actions from the Patent and Trademark Office (he's a patent attorney) that left him with very little to do until the issue is resolved, so he took yesterday and today off. The real difference was that he was not working at home. Usually when he "takes a day off," he still puts in a 6-8 hour workday. This was truly unusual and a refreshing change. A few things I noticed:

1. He is a really great guy and we get along very well when we have the chance to just hang out.
2. We don't hang out enough.
3. He was incredibly helpful getting the kids where they needed to be, running errands and being involved in the running of the house. He does not often get the chance to do this. It was awfully nice to have backup.
4. I handle a heck of a lot of stuff without him pretty dang well! The contrast--how much easier my day was with a partner--was astonishing.
5. We will have a lot of fun together when he retires. I have heard wives worry that their husband will drive them nuts, but I really don't think that will happen to us. We are both pretty independent, but when things overlap, we always have plenty to talk about.
6. I was so happy to see him relaxed and without a million things on his plate. Those of you who only know him as a Bishop or Bishopric member, I wish you could know him better.
7. I am grateful for how hard he works. He is not a live-to-work kind of guy. He is definitely a work-to-live kind of guy, so it is not as if he is unconnected from home life, he is just really, really busy working as a lawyer and being the Bishop.


  1. Those sound like nice days Kellie. Whenever I get my husband out of town, just the two of use, I have those moments where I think: YES. THIS is why I married you. You are a fantastic human being and my best friend. With our kids still so young, even when he is home all day, things are still really hectic - but I like to have those extra hands too! Good thoughts my friend.

  2. I, like Corinne said, love the little chances to remember why I married my Michael. I am glad you had fun with your hubby home and benefitted from taking advantage of his extra helping hands.

  3. It's so good to have time to reconnect. I love your list. Thanks for sharing. With my husband in school during the day and working at night, we cherish every little moment we get together!

  4. Man, I know everyone adjusts to what they can handle, but Jake sure does a lot for me. It would be hard if he had to work so much. I'm with you on the retirement. I'm excited to have my hubby around as much as possible someday.

  5. Your blog about your husband was fun to hear. It's always so refreshing to get a day where your husband does most of the errands! I have learned to LOVE the evenings with Brian! It's so nice to have a little alone time and remember why you married eachother (:

  6. I appreciate both you and your husband for all the service you give!


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