Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Unexpected Pleasures

I admit it. I have become additcted to Dancing with the Stars. It is unexpected because I have fastidiously avoided these shows because I knew my personality would cause me to get totally sucked in. Well, I did. Like I needed another tv show to distract me. I can't even knit while I watch this one because I have to actually watch! It is a pleasure though, because those pros are so talented and the stars are working so hard. I am favoring Apolo and Julianne. They have a wonderful rapport and are so fun to watch. I really like Joey Fatone, too-he gets the whole dancing thing. Then there is Heather Mills, who is amazing because she dances with a prosthetic. Wow.

Anyway, I had a feeling about Julianne-didn't know anything about her-and yep, I was right. She is a Mormon! Go Julianne! She is not a product of BYU's dance program. She left home early and studied in London. I just knew she had that special little sparkle though. She is only 18-what a talent. I hope she can stay sane.

The other unexpected pleasure came as I was looking for info about her. In surfing around, I found her myspace and the above music was playing. It captivated me. The name is Kalai. If you like acoustic guitar, strong melody, hints of other musical traditions, and a beautiful voice, you might like him.


  1. I am totally into Dancing with the Stars too. I like watching. I will have to listen to the music, it sounds like something I would really like.

  2. I've watched an episode and really enjoyed watching Apolo and Julianne. The judges kept saying how young she was and what a great teacher she is, but I didn't know she is LDS. That's awesome! I'll have to do some googling and read up.

  3. I watch DWTS every now and then, but have avoided putting it on my Tivo list because I really just watch too much TV. That's fun that Julianne is mormon! I had a good laugh at Laila Ali's fiance watching them practice last time. :)


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