Sunday, June 24, 2007

I do love primary

Today I got to substitute in Primary. It was awesome. Hear are some of my favorite things and as Dave Barry would say, I swear I am not making this up:
Watching Ethan spell out his name on the chair label his teacher made for him
Having Ethan tell me about camping and making s'mores
Singing Primary Songs-simple yet so profound
Watching my pal Cami be the awesomest music leader
Being a visitor and getting serenaded by a welcome song
Watching Nathan be Wicked King Noah and put on his "mean face"
Learning that Alma wrote on the "Grass" Plates
Singing "Tabernacle Choir Style" and putting my whole heart into it
Having Marlee turn around while I was singing thusly and, with a look of utter shock on her face, put her hands over her ears (Mendy, this totally made me laugh-she was so cute!)
Having sweet little Leah, who doesn't know me at all, snuggle up, physically put my arm around herself, hold my hand and totally trust me just because I'm her Primary Teacher
Getting Justin to calm down and be happy
After telling him to turn around so he wouldn't fall off the chair, having Calvin tell me that if he gets hurt it will be okay cuz he'll just stick his head right back on
Eating pretzels on the floor while sitting on a towel with 4 little kids
Having Leah explain Amanda's "robot leg" to me in the sweetest possible way
Watching Amanda dance and twirl while we sang Do as I'm Doing
Learning that the Holy Spirit is not the same thing as the Holy Ghost because, duh, one is a spirit and one is a ghost
Hearing sweet, pure little testimonies about the most fundamental truths of the gospel coming from 4 and 5 year-olds
Getting that candy bar! (I actually think every primary teacher should get a candy bar every single week)

Okay, on that happy note, having fed the missionaries, packed the car, arranged for rides, helped Sara and Sam get packed and made the last of the breakfast burritos (with my darling, probably-as-exhausted-as-me husband's help) I'm heading to bed for a few hours then heading up to the beautiful Pennsylvania hills for a week.


  1. Primary is the best! I remember feeling so intimidated the first day I was in there and now can't imagine how or why. I like the candy bar for substitutes idea....

    Have a fabulous fun week at camp!!

  2. Those are just classic! Love that you captured them here. So fun for me, a CTR 5 teacher myself, who often feels burned out with my brood o' nine. Thanks for the reminder of how sweet and fun they can be!

    Hope camp is great. Looking forward to reading about your adventures!

  3. How great was this post!! It made me miss being in primary, so you know it had to be good!! Just kidding :)! I love Marlee putting her hand over her ears!! Kids just crack you up!!

  4. It was fun to have you this week. It's a good think I was laughing about your comments about Ethan being cute just now, because I went into the kitchen to find him pouring milk all over some electronics and the floor. Sometimes you need some extra goodwill to deal with those situations. He sure does love spelling his name. :)

  5. I loved reading this. I have to agree about your candy bar statement! funny that she covered her ears! =) I am sure you sounded lovely!

    What a sweet post!


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