Sunday, June 10, 2007


So, when I have multiple projects coming up, I make a certain kind of list. It's a little more detailed than a calendar, but not an exhaustive things-to-do list. I could relate it to making myself a sort of map of my upcoming tasks so I can get a bird's-eye view of a particularly complex period of time rather than risk getting bogged down at ground level. Usually, I keep my schedule mostly in my head and I can picture it fairly well. Sometimes I have so many things going on, I need a little help to navigate through the shallows. Processing things in this way also helps me break the big projects up into manageable bits. As things go along, I will actually cross things off to show myself I'm making progress. Often I get motivated and get more done in the early sessions and get ahead of the game, sometimes even while I'm making the list--THAT is a major triumph for me :o)

Morning: Start Monday cleaning, Knitting Lessons, order flowers for 5th grade graduation, process memory book orders, send out emails about Generation of Excellence to Seminary parents and kids. Figure out who still needs help. Email Matt to find out if we are still having an auction on Saturday.
Noon: Lunch with a pal
Afternoon-evening: Monday cleaning, revise shopping list for camp food, email Patty to get Monkey Bread recipe she likes and Jill's shopping list, family home evening
Dinner: Pasta Salad with leftover chicken

Morning: Continue working on shopping lists for camp, revise summer-tee knitting pattern, email students with revisions, Knitting Lesson at Shop, go to dollar store to price balloons for 5th grade graduation
Noon-thirty: Walk at Supreme with a friend
Afternoon-evening: Knit, read, help Johnathan with photog merit badge (oh yeah, fill out the forms to be merit badge counselor), go to pool with kids if weather is good or go over to moms to see the cousins from Arizona, Sam needs to study for finals
Dinner: Tacos

Morning: Plan out pre-cooking for camp, decide on the "Garnish of the Day" (camp theme is Let Virtue Garnish Thy Thoughts Unceasingly), plan out daily messages for camp kitchen white board, Knitting Lesson at 10:30
Noon: Workout
Afternoon: Work on sock for class, check over pattern
Dinner: Mac and Cheese (activity night tradition)
Evening: Teach sock class at shop, kids and Eric to activities

During School: Tie up all loose ends for camp food, test Monkey bread recipe, start making breakfast burritos to freeze for camp
Afternoon: Make reminder calls about Generation of Excellence and certificates on Sunday, Pool?
Evening: Enrichment (don't forget to pick up Keira), Eric to late dinner with Client-kids home alone
Dinner: Breakfast Burritos ;o)

Morning: Tie up loose ends for 5th grade graduation, knitting fun with a pal
Afternoon: Home with Corinne's kids-can't wait, by the way!
Evening: Make reminder calls about Sunday and Auction if its happening, E-mail Janice the names for GofE, hang out with Beth and Layne-maybe a movie?
Dinner: Homemade Pizza

Early Morning: 8 miles with Sue, catch up on laundry
Daytime: Time with Beth and Layne? Garden work
Evening: Auction???


  1. MY FRIEND. Isn't it amazing when you can see most of it in one place like that? I'm so glad you'll be watching my sweethearts for me :)

  2. whew! what a list! My signs that the week is busy: I view my iCal in Weekly or Daily format rather than Monthly; I actually print out my calendar and put it on the fridge/counter; The whiteboard is very full. It does feel so good to cross off! : )

    I think it's neat to keep records of events like these. I still have old Franklin planners in a box that are fun to thumb through and remember the minutiae of that point in time.

  3. That made me tired just reading it. This time of year is just packed with things to do.

    I love that you have dinners on the list. Sometimes I get so busy that I forget about dinner. Then my little ones start scaling the pantry in search of food, that is always a sign I should feed them.

  4. What a list! Good luck with all your goings on! I love that you call 12:30 noon-thirty - so do Adrian and I!! :)

  5. All that and you had time to squeeze in a secret mission. You are wonderful! I am free Thursday morning for "testing Monkey bread recipe." ha ha

  6. Great list! Good luck with everything. I love the blogging list. It makes me feel so accountable!

  7. Kellie, you are amazing. Lunch was super fun. Thanks for making time in your busy schedule for that. It was great. Hugs!


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