Wednesday, August 29, 2007


The school year is off to a great start and we are quickly getting back into our old routine. In our house the routine is "Whatever is on the lovely and orderly little schedule that I have in my head will change." Or in other words, "If you don't like the routine, wait five minutes." But it's all good, because since Monday I have gotten to:

Have lunch with my friend after watching her darling daughter. Bless her heart, my sweet friend acted like the turkey sandwiches, applesauce in little plastic containers and oreos we had were the greatest thing ever. That should be in a book somewhere as a definition of friendship. (I tend to eat like I'm in a school cafeteria during the school year. At least I don't put it in sandwich bags. I do use a plate. )

Play with my dear friend Ashlee (who moved away but thankfully is always just a click away), along with a whole bunch of our other dear friends. We played at the park by Lake Elkhorn and the memories of playground mornings in my past made me very nostalgic. I even went into total autopilot and ran across the playground when I thought that a biting might occur. I was very good at recognizing the biting posture, because from 1988-90, I was the mother of a very small vampire. Fortunately, it was a false alarm, though I'm sure I frightened some of the other moms.

Teach 3 private knitting lessons, all to women who have become friends through our regular meetings.

Get 3 new class proposals accepted which meant I had to finish a sample and get them all overnighted to the company for photographing by 6 pm after finding out at 2 pm. It all worked out.

Go to Giant Journaling where I could laugh with friends and draw badly at the same time. The one makes the other quite rewarding. What fun. Next month, Jenni is going to dance for us, so y'all come.

Wish my pal happy birthday at her party.

Discover that sugar-free jello and sugar-free/fat free puddings are Weight Watchers Core foods. I think I will be able to lose weight now. I have found a craving-satisfyer that I have permission to eat. This is a big deal.

Have 22 of the loveliest, sleepiest teenagers you ever saw squish good-naturedly into my family room and listen to me talk for 50 minutes. Seminary is off to a great start. I was nervous that I'd feel burned out, but I don't. I look forward to them coming.

And wow, it's only Wednesday.

P.S. Blogger is being grumpy right now, so I can't upload any photos. Maybe tomorrow.


  1. So glad you too enjoy the occasional Oreo. I wish I could've seen you running across the playground. It's good you have so much energy since you have to get up so early. The youth I've talked to LOVE having you as their seminary teacher!

  2. Kellie - you do such a great job at finding the joy in your life. I love to read about it :)

  3. It sounds like a great start to your school year. Enjoy your jello and pudding, and I wish you well on your weight loss goal.

  4. I loved reading this. How great to be back in to a routine. Amanda is loving seminary.

  5. Look at how much you've accomplished already this week! Your post made me take stock of what I've gotten done this week--thanks!

  6. Try plopping some fat free cool whip on the sugar-free will not be disappointed!

  7. man, where do you get your energy? and don't tell me from sugar-free jello! thanks for taking time out to play with me at the park!


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