Sunday, October 21, 2007

Turn of the Season

After resorting to actually turning on the air conditioner on Friday, the last two days have been refreshing. It is still a bit hot for my taste, but I can handle the higher temperatures if the humidity is low. Thursday and Friday about did me in, especially since we went whole hog and cleaned everything out of our lower room to make way for a brand new Ikea office system. I will take a picture when I get it completely put together. It is coming along nicely and will be a real room, not a pathetic, cluttered, giant walk-in closet. I wish so badly that I had remembered to take a "before" picture, because it was bad, but once we got started, that was it. With everyone's help, the mess was moved out in about 45 minutes.

Tomorrow I start actually attending Weight Watchers meetings, since there is now a meeting at Supreme Sports Club. I am excited about that as my weight has plateaued after a measly loss of about 8 lbs. Not quite my lifetime goal, that.

The above shot is of leaves on the river. I was at the river doing a family shoot for my friend Holly. I'll let her post one of the family shots if she wants. She and her family are moving in a couple of weeks, so I was glad to have the morning to spend with her. Holly-I am torn between feeling so blessed that we met up and became such good friends so quickly and feeling completely gypped because I only got six months with you in person! I will choose option A in the name of true friendship because I am really excited for you. Thank goodness we can carry on in cyberspace.

As for my family, everyone is doing well. Evan had an awesome soccer game on Saturday-he scored his first goal of the season. His playing has been getting stronger and stronger this season. He is fearless and incredibly fast. He can keep up with and sometimes even outrun kids 6 inches taller than him. Johnathan teamed up with several of the other young dudes in our ward for Ultimate Frisbee and our guys won. He always underplays these ultimate games, and never invites us to come watch, but next time I so want to go. Sara hiked 12.5 miles of the Alonso Stagg hike (a 50 mile endurance hike along the C&O Canal that STARTS at 9pm) on Friday night. She has been having some knee trouble and it cut her walking short. Last year she went almost 20 miles. Someday I will try that, just for the "Now I can say I did it" file. I like pushing myself, and I am curious to see how it compares to a marathon. Everyone I know who's done both says that walking 50 miles is harder than running half as far. Especially during the night, when your head plays tricks on you. Sam is looking forward to wrestling. He considers football nothing more than staying in condition for wrestling, so he will be happy when Hammond's miserable JV season finally ends. They've gotten (pretty much) creamed every game. It is a little painful to watch. Sam is playing well, though.

So, life goes on, and our version of "The Office" is just about ready for primetime viewing.

Quote of the day: "Now I know why dad is always so bored. There is absolutely nothing interesting in a newspaper, and he reads them all the time." From Evan, after searching the paper for an article to take to school.


  1. What a great post. I can't wait to see your office. I love projects like this. It was so fun to read about all your family is involved in. I loved the picture of the leaves.

  2. oh, that picture is beautiful. perfect for a card!

  3. What athletic children you have. What a great supportive mom you are. I'm so glad you were able to do a fun room project. I agree with your son, the best part of the newspaper is the comics! I'm not drilling holes, because we still have football on Saturdays. So I'll have to wait until the end of the season to do projects.

  4. I know what you mean about the weight loss. Jake lost 20 pounds, and I lost 8. How is it fair??

    I hear you Evan. I agree. I've been chastised by my parents this weekend for not reading the news, but I either get upset or bored. What do you do?

  5. The quote from Evan was SO funny!! Can't wait to see pics of your office renovation! Yay for Ikea - that store has helped us overhaul and declutter many a room!:)

  6. I've always wanted to try the Alsonso Stagg hike. I'm a bit scared now, wrapping my head around the reality of FIFTY miles. Good for Sara!

    (Have you noticed what good taste in names our families have?!)

  7. Evans comment was so funny!!! Good luck with the room!

  8. My mom and sister and I reviewed Holly's proofs together last night, and we loved them! You are very talented. If only we could fly you out to Oregon for the BIG family shot early in December(that's 2 parents, 6 kids, 4 in-laws, and 9 grandkids!)...

    Fifty miles. Wow. I can walk one mile in twenty minutes, so that would be... 17 hours of walking. Do they take any breaks, or is it pretty much straight walking until you finish?

    Evan's observation made me chuckle. Thanks for sharing! :)


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