Tuesday, October 23, 2007

The View from Soccer Practice

Here is tonight's sunset captured, amazingly enough, on my phone's camera. I went to take a photo with my trusty sidekick point-n-shoot and discovered that I had forgotten to take the battery out of the charger and actually put it into the camera. So, I was left with a deep sense of unfulfilled artistic urgency but no tools. I considered writing about it but I didn't want to take that much time away from trying to catch up on my book group reading. So, I fiddled around with the camera settings on my phone and was pleasantly surprised to find a decent image. It really was a beautiful sunset, and every time I looked up from my book while turning the page, everything had shifted and become a different, yet equally beautiful panorama. I am grateful I had the margin in my day to be able to take it in, because many's the day when the sun rises and sets with no notice from me. So, the days when I really get to notice become special-evidence that life is still good.

The new room, which seems to be known in my head as my own Sequestered Nook (that is the name of the online book group I belong to), is just about finished. I am still experimenting with some pictures on the wall and getting rid of the last of the sorted clutter and oh, it's going to be lovely. The sort of room I've dreamed of all my life. It will make waiting for the real kitchen a lot easier. The impetus for this rather sudden room re-do is that my pal Sara comes in from Seattle tomorrow night and we needed a guest room. Normally, we put guests in the family room, but since I am teaching Seminary on Thursday before Sara and I leave for New York, it wouldn't work for her to stay in there. Thus this flurry of activity. It has been immensely satisfying to get rid of about 8 garbage bags and two big shredders full of junk. So, thanks, Sara for being a good enough friend and visiting my house for the first time ever so that I felt highly motivated to make things nice for you...I can do anything when I have a deadline.


  1. Wow, with the camera phone, that is when you know you're a good photographer!!! Have a blast with your pal! What fun

  2. Isn't it amazing how much junk we keep in our house? And you don't realize it until you really clean out a room and then wonder why you never threw it away to begin with. I'm so glad you had a motivation to clean because of a fun visit. I've dropped my phone too many times, so it doesn't take pictures anymore. You took a great photo, you talented photographer!

  3. I love deadlines too! They are such motivators. The new room sounds lovely. I had such fun getting my room ready for my sister to move in, so I know how you are.

    Great picture!!

  4. I can't believe that pic was taken with a camera phone! So pretty! I hope you have a great time in NY w/ your friend!

  5. I love the little moments in nature that really bring life into focus. Sometimes I wish I could be a hobbit and live in a little house in a hill, waking up to lush green and friendly faces! I will be content though with the nature that is here, it still has it's amazing moments. (the only camera I own is my phone!)

  6. Breathtaking sunset! I'm so glad you captured it. I hear you on they way life can keep us from seeing the sun rise and set for days in a row. I watched the sun rise this morning for the first time in a long long time. Humbling and inspiring.

    I hope you and Sara are having (had?) a great time together! Oh, and congratulations on your new nook! ;)


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