Wednesday, November 21, 2007

All Sorts

I am waiting for a large amount of photos to upload to Heritage Makers so I can finish our reunion photo book before next week's publishing deadline for Christmas. It will take a while, and I sort of need to hang around to make sure nothing goes wrong, so I get to blog a little. I discovered HM through a dear friend, the queen of Multi-level Marketing. She is at the top of the Stampin' UP! pyramid, has joined up with lots more over the years, is active with at least one other right now that I know of in addition to HM and just joined up with yet another called Bookwise that was started by author Richard Paul Evans of The Christmas Box fame. I have looked into it. It is simple, like Amway or Shaklee: you pay a fee for the privilege of buying books at wholesale cost. Then you talk other people into doing the same thing and voila! you have an instant income. I've tried several of my pal's companies out of curiosity about the product but never get past the paying-a-fee-for-the-privilege part. The secret of business is seeing the product not from an emotional point of view, but solely as a tool for making money. Then, you'll talk it up to anyone. This is not a criticism, just an observation. My interest in money does not go beyond using it as a tool for living. I don't care about it as a hobby so I'm not much of a business woman. I wish money would go away. My friend cares about it, is a good business woman and makes a ton of money through her success with Stampin' UP! I am proud of her for that.
Anyway, Heritage makers has nice, hardcover, digital scrapbooks with a lot of options from simple to complex. I do a lot of digital scrapbooking, so it is worth it for me to pay-the-fee-for-the-privilege. If you like digital photobooks, let me know and I'll set you up.
Today, my 9 year-old niece-in-law Shania is over for the day while her mom works. She is adorable and is excellent company in Sara's absence. She is helping me pick out pictures for the reunion book and also offered to help me paint stars for my advent calendars. All the detail work is done as well as the lettering. All that remains are those stars. So, I am happy for an enthusiastic 9 year-old's help.
Johnathan flew off to Denver last night and should be gearing up as I write to head to the mountains for a little snowboarding with my brothers and a cousin. Sam is fasting today because of wrestling weight certifications. This is the part of wrestling that is hard on a mom, but to his credit, he seems to have the eye of the tiger and is determined to get his place on the varsity team. He's only a sophomore, so it is exciting that the coach is grooming him for varsity. Evan just woke up. He and Shania get along pretty well, so they should have a fun day. I'm thinking we might go see Bee Movie. Other than that, I'm making a pie or two, getting my turkey in the brine and working on Christmas projects. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


  1. Yes, I can't get past the emotional aspect. But great for those who can! I've heard of Heritage Makers. It sounds like a nice compromise for those who like the creativity of scrapbook, but the idea of bound photobooks. I, however, like to take ALL creativity out and go for least amount of time spent! I guess right now I'm a minimalist.

  2. Maybe I need to check out HM. I am only doing digital scrapbooks now :)

  3. Creative Memories has digital scrapbooks now too, PhotoBooks I think they call them. I purchased one but have yet to go online and actually make it!! IS that sad or what!

    You totally hit the nail on the head about the emotional part of MLM. I signed up for Discovery Toys since it has no commitments, just buy at wholesale and mention it to people if they seem interested.

    Email me the details on HM though, I'm curious how their pricing compares to Creative Memories.


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