Thursday, November 01, 2007

Armchair Traveler Reading Challenge

This is something I signed up for through a link I found on my book-group pal Melissa's blog. I have not done a good job, but I am getting serious about it again. I forgot to post my list of books and have not posted any reviews or anything. But, in some way, the purposes have been fulfilled. I've read some great new books and and looking forward to my last few. Here is a list of the books I'm reading, with some indication of which ones I've finished with. One of my great ambitions is to spend a lot of the time after my children are raised exploring the world. I want to travel everywhere. In fact, knowing that my youngest will be off to college in 7 or 8 years has me seriously planning for the next phase, thus this reading challenge excited me and I have greatly enjoyed it so far. My list of places to go is growing rapidly.


  1. Those look great! You've done a good job on that challenge. If you can't travel . . .

  2. Oh, PLEASE take me with you when you go :)

  3. Great list! Oswaldo and I share the same ambition--we've made several lists of all the places we want to see, and one of our favorite shows on NPR is Travels with Rick Steves. Looks like YOUR someday isn't too far off. :)


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