Thursday, November 08, 2007

Time to Count the Blessings

I am not feeling well. I had an incident at the gym this morning during which I almost got to the point of passing out. I didn't go under but I did go very white, according to those who saw me, and I did have to sit still for about 30 minutes before I could drive home. I have no idea what happened. I ate breakfast, felt fine, had a great workout and then while I was stretching, whoosh, all the starch went out of me. I have subsequently felt weird all day. Several things I wanted and even needed to do went by the wayside as I dozed in and out of the day. The only thing I can think of is that my iron has bottomed out and my anemia took over the controls of my brain. So, instead of slogging through the mud and getting depressed, I'm going to make a list and count some blessings.

  • The weather has been spectacular! It has been cool and crisp with clear air so the colors of the sky and trees are vivid and full of richness.
  • I am really enjoying the book I am listening to right now. I have a knitting deadline, plus 8 of those advent calendars to finish so I'm listening to a lesser known Charlotte Bronte work called Villette. The words and the language are just sublime.
  • I have the most wonderful friends ever. This has been a wonderful week for feeling the heady glow of true friendship.
  • I love my F'Ugg boots. (Fake Uggs) Someday I'll spring for the real thing, but for now, my $20.00 pretenders are sooo cozy.

  • I've been home every day this week when my kids got home. There's not much sweeter than hearing the door, then hearing them call for me, just to make sure I'm around.
  • I've gotten to bed before 11 pm 3 nights this week.
  • Christmas is coming. I've started sorting my rather prodigious collection of Christmas music-an annual tradition of mine. I think I'll have to get the new Josh Groban one.

  • I got to help a little with setting up a friend's wedding reception. I love the Zion feelings of unity and common purpose that I feel when I'm part of something like that. Everyone just pitches in and puts their own agenda aside to make the event the best it can be.
  • Tomorrow is treat day in seminary.

  • I love living by my mommy even though I never planned to. I was the kid that was going to travel the world. Instead I'm the only one who has lived near my mom & dad almost my entire marriage.
  • Even though it's hard at the time, I'm okay with having the occasional big fight that clears the air and allows the whole family to just reboot and start fresh. Sometimes a shake-up is just what everyone needs.
  • I am going to go get in my jammies and watch a little inane, vegetative, recorded television to help my brain shut down and go to sleep.

  • I am very glad that tomorrow is a new day.


  1. I'm glad you're okay. That is scary. But there's nothing like doughnuts and a fun show to make you feel better. You are sooo lucky to have your parents close by. That's a blessing I wish I had. Get some rest!

  2. Oh, that is no fun. I hope you're ok and you get enough iron ASAP. I hate it when workouts go wrong though, because you never know how soon to go back. Last time I ran my feet were itching so bad I had to ice them for 20 minutes before I could walk. I think it was just the beginning of my hives, but I'm still afraid to even try again.

    It's good to reboot and start over. Sometimes I sleep all day to reboot. Good luck. I hope you enjoyed "Survivor Man."

  3. I hope you are feeling better friend. If there is anything I can do, let me know. You have such a good attitude, and I love that you are counting your blessings.

  4. Good for you counting your blessings under such difficult circumstances. It's a great list. :) (The little pictures are fun!) And you have my hearty congratulations on getting to bed before 11pm 3 out of 4 nights (as I type this at 11:30pm...).


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