Sunday, November 04, 2007

Trees and Leaves and Times Gone by

The tree across the street has donned its autumn finery again. Here are views of it during this last week of cool weather. It has changed dramatically in the last 7 days. I remember when I put a photo of it in a newsletter for Jeff last year to show the change of seasons. Every year this tree is a signal to me that the leaves are changing in earnest and that they will soon be gone. Winter, such as it is around here, will be upon us.

This is my 20th autumn as a mother, and I still feel like every day is new. Every season comes with new challenges and joys, fresh adventures and interesting new ways of testing my mettle. I hope that like my tree, I can roll with the changes, be the best I can be at each season, rest when I get the chance, then burst forth again with a fresh, green kind of beauty when the warmth of spring comes back around. Sometimes joy and ease seem to go into hiding for a while, but this year's fallen leaves are the nourishment for future growth.


  1. What a pretty tree! I'm waiting for my favorite one to finish changing into its signature array of color. Oh, but winter. It's already getting too cold for me!! Ah well. Times must change.

  2. Lovely post Kellie. Those huge red trees make me happy every year!

  3. Beautiful post. I look to one big tree right out my back window to tell me when the seasons are really changing too! I remember when I was pregnant with Nina so wanting that tree to green up, because when it was truly green I knew that Nina could arrive safely. And sure enough it was such a moral booster in the midst of a tough time to see it get all full and green. (Sorry for the super long comment, but the mention of your tree just made me think of that.:))

    Oh, and my tree is in agreement with yours - seems like winter is close at hand!:)

  4. as we were walking back from the bus stop this morning, the sky was so blue and there was a tall, red-leafed tree backing up to it with the sunshine on its leaves. just beautiful. it's so nice to get this burst of autumn beauty before the winter sets in.

  5. Lovely tree and beautiful thoughts to go with it. :)


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