Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Here's a post I've been working on since the last week of January. This was my peaceful, snowy weekend in Pennsylvania a few weeks ago. Here we are watching Youtube videos and reading. Notice the beautiful snowy woods outside the windows.

The charms of the winter landscape were too much to resist and I spent a very cold half hour out in the 11 degree morning snapping a few impressions of the quiet forest.

The conditions were perfect for snow that was lighter than air. Each flake lighted on its fellows without weight or disturbance. There was no wind, the snow damped the normal sounds of nature, and these woods are out of range of hearing anything but the occasional passing flock of wild turkeys. Overall, the effect was quite magical.

The last photo is the cabin. It has the perfect amount of space. Not enough for anything but the most fundamental possessions, but infinite in capacity for love and memories.


  1. Looks so peaceful! I love the close up of the snow on a branch. The fluffy details of the snow

  2. Those are beautiful. I love the new blogskin, too... did you take the one with the rose??

  3. Beautiful. What a wonderful winter escape!


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