Friday, May 30, 2008

The Eagle and the Seminary Teacher

Tonight was Johnathan's Eagle Court of Honor. He shared the evening with our dear friend Joseph and it was a lot of fun. Friends and family were in attendance, there was a ton of great food shared with love and it was a great evening. Of course it was punctuated by moments of humor like the fact that I was literally GLUING merit badges onto Johnathan's sash at 5:45 pm and had to hunt all through the house for a scout shirt that had the right patches on it. I just have to laugh because why should his Eagle court of honor be any different from the rest of his scouting career-lots of hard work and good times but a little fuzzy on the details. Oh, well, we all have our strengths, and maintaining a scout uniform just doesn't seem to be one of mine. Fortunately, because of all the amazing people that my sons have come in contact with in the scouting program, the uniform issues and the lost merit badges and the many, many GLUE episodes somehow came together for good and they turned into Eagle Scouts anyway, so I'm inclined not to be too hard on myself. Several of the other moms and I had a very, very good laugh over that whole issue and it was warm and comforting for all of us to realize we were in it together.

Today was also the last day of seminary, the daily scripture study class I teach in my home at 5:50 am, which means I have my early morning hours back to use as I wish and approximately 1-2 hours of lesson prep each afternoon and evening that are also mine again. With these two big things off my list, tonight's ceremony and the seminary year wrapped up, I feel really free and unencumbered right now. I like the sensation of not having something major just over the horizon. I took a 3 mile run and spent an hour working on my poor neglected garden to celebrate, because those are the two activities that I am mostly likely to say get sacrificed to the cause of preparing my lessons and teaching each day.

So, here's to milestones, both big and small. And just in case you were looking for something to fill the next 6 minutes or so, here is the video I made for Johnathan and Joseph that we showed tonight. It's very Eagle-scouty, but it's fun.


  1. Wow, Congratulations to Joseph and Johnathan. What an accomplishment, and same goes for you! That is a lot of hard work. Congrats on finishing Seminary for another year, as the daughter of a seminary teacher, I know the joy you are feeling now. You'll miss it though in about a month :-) she always did. :-)

  2. Oh, that video made me get teary. What amazing men they've turned out to be. I pray that Alec also has great leaders and turns out like those new Eagle Scouts did. So glad you have some time for yourself now. You amaze me in all that you accomplish.

  3. Congratulations. The video is an amazing story of many years of hard work.

    Thank you for sacrificing so much for seminary. You are truly awesome. I hope you really enjoy having more of your time back.

  4. Congratulations! How fulfilling to have reached another journey's end successfully. Enjoy digging in the dirt!

  5. oh, I thought I'd left a comment here saying how moving this video was. I love the song and eegret to eagle imagery. very touching. good for Sam!! I've been thinking of you with your newly available schedule. have fun!


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