Monday, September 22, 2008

Blogging for the heck of it.

I have a very short attention span, so when I'm working on a big project, like hemming 5 pair of pants or finishing the binding on the flag quilt that I should have finished months ago, or packing my suitcase, I can only go in short spurts, then I need a break. So here I am. Here are a few desultory thoughts.
  • I'm really looking forward to seeing Jeff this week. I have missed him more since he left to go back to school than I ever did on his mission.
  • I love the weather lately. Everything is easier when the temperatures are pleasant and the skies are blue.
  • I'm so happy for my brother, the one getting married on Saturday. I'm also happy that I'll get to be there.
  • I've been auditioning all my shoes and getting rid of the ones I don't absolutely love. It has finally come down to fit and comfort for me. Soon I'll be wearing birks to church. Shudder...
  • When I was trying on dresses for my brother's wedding, I noticed that my hair has faded to a sort of non-color. It is about half-grey, but the grey blends in with all the other colors so instead of looking stylish and grey, it just looks blah. So, I'm actually considering coloring my hair. I always said I never would, but was like my head disappeared when I looked in those dressing room mirrors.
  • I need a model to do my photography group assignments. My kids have all said no. Maybe my niece and nephew will let me take a few at the wedding. Otherwise it's self-portraits. Shudder again...

Okay, back to the sewing machine I go. See you next week!


  1. I hope you have a wonderful time at your brothers wedding!! Being that we just stopped living out of suitcases a few weeks ago I shudder at the thought of ever packing another one!:) And I so agree with you on the shoe thing! Yay for comfy clogs!!:)

  2. I love hair color. Try highlights, it's usually less commitment and you just look nice:) I remember seeing Lorraine Layton's highlights and all of the sudden realizing why her hair looked so good! Brent told me all about your guys' weather. Oh, to be in Maryland in the fall...

  3. Thanks for the SAT word of the day (and especially thanks for the definition link... that was not so much in my repertoire...)

    Glad to hear you have good things going on. :)

  4. Have a great time on your trip.... I am loving the weather too. See you soon. ( you may talk Tori into modeling)

  5. HA! You won't have to TALK Tori into modeling. That child was begging me to take her picture!! :) Also, you may use any of my children. Jeffy might actually listen to you (not me), but only use Ethan if you want a serious challenge! Jane is always available. :) Also, if you are really desperate, I will be your model--that will be a GREAT challenge!! :)

    I LOVE auditioning the shoes. Awesome. I need to do it. Except last time I did that, I threw away all the shoes that would fit me right now. I hate pregnancy/post preggo feet!!

    Have fun with all those happy times! I'm so glad you get to see Jeff.

  6. I used to say I'd never color my hair too, and then the gray came. So I cover those suckers up every few weeks. My mom would die if we wore anything but heels to church, so there's no comfort for my feet on Sundays. Also, I will glady offer my kids for models. You can have them as long as you'd like :)

  7. I hope you have such a great time seeing everyone you love. May your trip be a fantastic one :)

  8. I confess to wearing birks to church. But then my feet were super swollen from being preggo during the summer, and it was either that or barefoot. :)


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