Saturday, September 20, 2008

Working Toward Lift-Off

See all that fuss and bother and the GIANT fuel tanks that it take to get the space shuttle to break away from the earth's gravity??? So it is when a mother leaves home. Even for a couple of days. I'm going on a trip this week. First I'll be in Utah for two days, then in Arizona for 3 days. For about 56 hours of that time, Eric and I will both be gone. It is the first time we've ever left our kids without any family nearby (my folks are going to the same place I will end up). Dear friends are taking the poor orphans in, and I totally trust my pal, and I know in all ways that they will fine, but oh, the arrangements. Not just for them, for myself, for seminary (another heroic pal is taking that on for two days), for the pets (can you say PetHotel???), etc.. I go through this every time I leave and it is making me not want to leave again for a really long time. Once I leave the gravitational pull of my daily life, it will be easy. I'll float along and enjoy myself thoroughly, but until then, I still have about 40 things to do.

Eric, being the even-keeled guy (emphasis intentional) that he is, will calmly get his suitcase packed at about 9 pm on Monday night and feel bad that I've got so much on my mind, but he won't really understand exactly what it is. I know he has his own arrangements to make and things to take care of, but bless his heart-he must just make it LOOK easy. I always feel like a maniac. Sometimes I wish I could trade in one of my X's for a Y and not have quite so much on my mind. (That is not a slam, BTW. Eric freely admits that there are long periods of time when he actually has nothing on his mind. What would THAT be like?)

So, here I am looking forward to the moment when I leave for the airport, and there's nothing else to worry about because there will be nothing I can do about it at that point. I'll be entering a quiet, low power orbit with lovely views. Bliss is coming...


  1. Love this post! How true it is. You really have a gift for writing. I love the parallels. And really... What WOULD that be like? I'd love to know. I hope you have a wonderful trip, and don't even think about the mess that that shuttle makes when it has to enter back into this atmosphere. :-)

  2. OH FRIEND. I am so happy you are getting some away time. So happy. And I love this post too - it is so much more of a whirlwind when mommy takes her leave :)

  3. so true. doug, as wonderful as he is, doesn't get that my mind doesn't ever turn off.

    have a great trip!

  4. That's a great analogy -- I'm going to think of myself straining against gravity as I prepare for our next trip. I still shudder when I think of our couples trip before Sara was born. I thought I'd die from the prep before I ever got to enjoy my vacation!

    (Thanks for the smile on the "male brain." So, so true.)

  5. OH how I relate. Man, the things I have to do when I leave, but Jake just gets himself ready and that's it. MAN! Even when I'm leaving the kids with Jake, I have a million things to do. Just no fair.

  6. DITTO!!! You have explained it perfectly. So perfectly, in fact, I'm going to explain it to my husband this way! :) Have a wonderful trip!

  7. oh the x/y of it all. Matt must really think I'm crazy when he's sitting in the car ready to pull-out for a long weekend and I'm still inside doing 20-odd last minute essentials....

    love the picture, I can just feel the hustle and bustle surrounding your home in preparation! :)

  8. I hope you get to enjoy a bit of your trip! I am often the one that stays behind and helps with the kids, seminary, pets. It's nice to hear the "other side" of the story!

    PS- thanks for your nice message on my last post. Your prayers and hope are appreciated.

  9. Love the analogy. But I was relating to it on a smaller scale--like how much work (and baggage) it takes to get me and my three little ones out the door for something as simple as a quick trip down the road to my parents' house or the grocery store...

    I hope you had a lovely time. I'll read on. :)


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