Monday, October 06, 2008

Catching up on the Family

Here is the latest on what everyone is up to. Pardon the odd mix of complete sentences and weird fragments.

Jeff, at Brigham Young University: Found a job-started today-really likes it. Cooked his first crock-pot roast yesterday-it was a bit dry, but he had fun with the process. According to his facebook profile, he officially has a girlfriend. She is lovely, but I don't want to jinx it or anything.

Johnathan, also in Provo, Utah but installed at the Missionary Training Center there: We've had two letters from the MTC-all is well. He needs more socks and a sweatshirt, but sounds happy and fully engaged in what he's doing. He says the food is good and the Spanish is challenging.

Sam: Doing well in cross-country. Working on a boy scout Eagle Project. Doing well in school-had a ton of fun with Spirit week before Homecoming. Looking forward to wrestling season. Should have driver's license very soon.

Sara: Her volleyball team won today against Wilde Lake High. She actually got some playing time in the third game. Loves high school but lost her phone and is bereft but I'm proud of how she handled the situation.

Evan: Swamped by the famous Middle School Homework Load of Howard County. Seriously, there is more homework in 7th grade than there is in 11th grade. Go figure. Enjoying soccer. Practice and games are his only respite from his Napoleon Bonaparte Project. He did not laugh when I told him he should have chosen to study Napoleon Dynamite instead.

Tonight, we waited until 8:30 when everyone finally got home and had an actual dinner together around the table. I was determined. Because I am on a fall decorating kick, we even had a tablecloth. It was lovely. It is such a pleasure to gather the family around and see them interact. It is still very strange to get down only 5 plates for dinner and have no leaves in our dining room table. Very strange. That feeling is tempered by knowing that everyone is well and still part of our family circle as we pray for them, include them in the conversation and enjoy their accomplishments. It is a good time of life.


  1. What a sweet and comforting post. I feel your pain with the middle school homework. There is a ton!

  2. What a nice post. Good for family night I must say. I can't believe there is so much home work in 7th grade! Yuck

  3. First, no apologizing for poor editing in blogs. When you're online, it doesn't count.

    Second, is Evan eating at Bonaparte Breads frequently? It may help. Get him a chocolate almond croissant.

    Thirdly, What the, didn't school just start and Jeff has a girlfriend? I mean, I went to BYU and I know how it goes and all, but it just FRIGHTENS me. Let's hope my boys stagnate immediately.

    Lastly, I made a real dinner today TOO! Alas, no tablecloth. It would have made Ethan happy, though, He asked me today if we are going to decorate for Halloween. Poor kid never got my no-decorating policy memo.

  4. It sounds like your kids are all doing so well. It was fun to watch Sam at the XC meet today. It was a tough course.

  5. It was lovely to catch up with your fam Kellie! So fun to hear that Jeff has a BYU romance going!:)

  6. sounds wonderful. glad you're enjoying it all.


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