Monday, October 20, 2008

From a knitting pal-make your own president!

From my darling, fun friend, comes this bit of political activism I can get my hooks into. Budump bah!
Hold Your Own Debate
With Presidential Finger Puppets

These are serious times and we have a serious choice to make, but that doesn't mean we can't have a little fun! Who do yarn lovers choose for president? Tell us who your presidential pick is and we'll publish the results! Click here to vote!

Make one or both of the candidates and make someone smile!

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  1. Man, this has to be the 413th time I've read a crafty person's blog and wished beyond wishes that I had an ounce of craftiness in my body! These are adorable. I wonder if you could tweak the pattern a bit to make McCain give his usual grimace... :)

  2. Very creative. I can't make one, but I did vote!

  3. That is seriously funny.

  4. I love it! It's a good thing there's a little bit of comic relief in this election's all a bit dramatic for my taste.


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